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I have lost my only son

Hi my name is Nanci and on June 22, 2008, my life change forever, as I know all of yours have, my only son was runned down while riding a motorcycle, hit from behind and thrown 125 feet. He lived for approx. 6 hours after the incident (not accident as some want to call it) and died at 8:08 am. The POS that hit him, is here illegally, 19 yrs old, under the influence of alcohol, no drivers license and no insurance; welcome to America.

We have been to court three times already and I must say things aren't going too bad for us. The original charge was 2nd degree reckless homicide and that has since been uped to 1st degree which is better for us as it carries a longer prison sentence, though I'm not to happy about we, the taxpayers having to feed, house, cloth, etc. these POS, but that's the world we live in. Of coarse the defense is awaiting toxicology reports on Travis (my son) before they want to proceed. The scum bag defense attorney is banking on them coming back that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that will not be what they find. I know we have a long painstaking journey ahead of us and I found this group in hopes of being able to communicate with others that have the same feelings I do. I am sooooo sorry all of you are here, but if we as mothers don't stand up for our children, no one will. My heart goes out to all of you, as this is a pain only another mother of a murdered child can understand.

I will probably be asking lots of questions as the court dates come up (our next is on the 15th of Sept).

Mom of Travis (I love you buddy)

Re: I have lost my only son

Nanci, I am so sorry about your son. You started this journey shortly before we did. Sending hugs your way and prayers for justice for your son.

Re: I have lost my only son

I am feeling the same way my only child my son Raymund was killed on 9/25/07 and i can tell you this one thing i miss the hell out of him, I have 4 grandkids 3 girls and 1 boy I have not gone to court yet as the system is backed up.I will keep you in my prayers as i do all the other moms Im coming up on a year and it feels like it just happened I have God in my life but i still want and miss my son so much. But i have to go on for my grandkids and me.

Re: I have lost my only son

Hi Nanci,
I am so sorry to hear about your son Travis. I too lost my only son, the oldest of my three children, my best friend. He was 34 years old. He was found murdered in the early morning hours of May 6, 2007 behind a Goodwill store. Someone dropping off donations found him. They did make an arrest two days later. This guy is pleading not gulity but they are charging him with first degree murder, kidnapping and affiliation with gangs. I have been going to court once a month for continuence hearings. This guy keeps getting in trouble in jail and his attorneys keep quitting on him. So I have no idea when or if we will be going to trial. I see by your email that you might be from Arizona? I live in Chandler, Arizona. I am really sorry that you had to come to this site but you will find some wonderful mothers here that will give you comfort and strength. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family Nanci. Rest in peace Travis.

Re: I have lost my only son

Hi Nanci, so sorry about your son. My son was murdered on 7/13/07 by a gun shot to the back of his head, he was only 15 y/o.

I don't know anything about the trial phases, just what I read. They haven't arrested anyone for my son's murder, and I say yet, as I do have to believe that my son will have his justice served!

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: I have lost my only son

I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I don't know anything about the court system in Arizona but the system in California sucks.
My son was murdered December 16th 2007, we have been to court the POS was convicted of 2nd degree murder, 1st degree burglary, using a fire arm in the commission of a murder also he was already a felon so there are some special allegations. He was suppose to be sentenced on Sept.2nd but his POS attorney is now saying he is not competent enough to participate in his sentencing so we have to wait for a couple of doctors to evaluate him. We also had the defense attorney chomping at the bit for the tox report when no drugs or alcohol were found he decided my son was probably on steroids since that particular drug wasn’t in the tox screen. These defense attorneys are slime just out for money and fame. They do not care about the truth they just care about winning.
Again I am so very sorry for your loss you have come to the right place. Every mom here knows the pain and sorrow you are feeling.
My prayers are with you and your family
Jimmy’s Mom Shirley

Re: I have lost my only son

Thank you all for your kind words and as I said before, my heart goes out to all of you.

The ME's office called today and the Prem. tox reports show no alcohol, which we knew, but now can be made public so the idiots of the world are happy, because the incident happened at 2 a.m. automatically that means everyone must have been drinking or on drugs!!! The only one drinking in this case was the POS 19 yr. old, imagine that.

I know one of you asked if I was in AZ, no I'm in WI. My email address is for my grandaughter Arianna, so I'm ariznana. I wish I were in AZ, it's getting cold here and I hate cold weather.

Hugs to all of you and our angels

Travis's Mom, love you buddy!