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Got all the investigation reports

We got all the investigation reports from the DA's office, as I was reading all the lies that everyone was saying some people had to be interviewed 2-4 times because they just kept lieing. I read the whole report crying and sobbing for my son and when I finished I realized the reason this ass killed my son was because my son called him a "little b***h" and he was mad so he went to the parking lot called my son told him where he was and to come over so they could get this straight, when my son arrived he exited the car and was on the ground with 4 shots. As I read this all i can think is my son, my little boy that never liked to hurt, or hurt another person. I feel so tired and I just can't get the images of his body laying on a cold metal table with his head proped up for the autopsy. I still see that image every night when I go to sleep and I feel I am going crazy. I miss my child and even though it has been 19 months I still call out that I want my son back, I don't know if this is ever going to end.
Sorry for the pity party. There are people in worst shape than I am, but I still can't seem not to think this way.
Oh well, I love you mom's and I wish the best day for all of you. My heart actually aches for every mom that is going through this horrible journey and I wish I could put my arms around every one of you and give you a tight hug.
With all my heart and prayers
Frances Jr's mom

Re: Got all the investigation reports

I'm so sorry you are in so much pain, pain that I truly understand. One image in my head is the picture they showed me of Timmy, he looked like he was asleep, but had scraps on his forehead when he hit the ground. I see it in my brain all the time. It's not fair, I know, why do we suffer, why has our children been taken from us??? I pray for you and all the mom's here, we have a terrible journey to be on.

God Bless
Timmy's mom