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Just a note to ask if it is okay.....

Yesterday another young man was shot and killed in our small town. that makes 12 homicides this year alone. I just wanted to know if it would be appropriate for me to take one red rose to the mom and just let her know she is not alone in her battle to be without her son. Could someone please give me some answers, I really feel for this lady they showed her on TV and she was so broken and she just kept saying how her son was not a bad boy and he didn't deserve to die like that. My heart went out to her the same as you MOM's went out to me when my Jr. was killed and I just feel that maybe if she knew someone else who is going throught this horrible journey in which she is now going through that maybe I can help someone. Please let me know what your thoughs are.
Love and hugs
Frances Jr's mom

Re: Just a note to ask if it is okay.....

If it were me I know that I will welcome this...when we lost our daughter we had strangers showing us so much compassion...it was very heartfelt to know that there were people who cared about us that might not have known us and/or Lisa. I think it is a good idea.

Re: Just a note to ask if it is okay.....

I think it would be a wonderful thing. I know I felt so alone when I found out and wished someone who understood was there to help me. I did send a card to a mother who lost her son in an accident after that knowing that she was mourning her child. Now when someone dies I wonder about their mother and what she must be feeling. It hurts so much and I bet she would appreciate the support. What a kind gesture.

Re: Just a note to ask if it is okay.....

I think that would be a wonderful gesture, you are truly a wonderful woman! I don't think I'd have the courage to do that, but I always feel so sad when I hear about another murder, sorry to say here in Phila. we just passed Timmy's number from last year. He was killed in July 2007 and was the 218 person (it was 392 I think total for 2007), and they say the murder rate is down, don't think so! I always think of the poor mom and say a silent prayer in my head for her and the family.

Let us know what you decide and how things worked out.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Just a note to ask if it is okay.....

You probably feel like you would be intruding on her pain, but let me tell you, you're not. As you have probably read here, there is no pain like the lose of your child, and nobody understands like another mother sho has beent here. Take her the rose, leave a card with your name & number and let her know you're there if & when she needs to talk. Even if she never does, just knowing you are there will mean so much to her. Bless you.

Randy's mom

Re: Just a note to ask if it is okay.....

What a great idea and you are so sweet to think to do this. Here you are with your own pain and what you think about is helping another mom I am sure she will Appreciate it.
Jimmy's Mom