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Find a Grave

I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a website called findagrave? We stumbled on it while on line and found that our daughter had been listed on it. You can put pictures and people can leave "flowers" especially if they live out of town. You can also put pictures of the memorial marker and the cemetary and section where our loved ones are resting--for lack of a better word. But I have found that because Lisa went to school out of town and we don't know many of her friends, teachers, classmates, etc. that it was helpful to those who wanted to visit her grave. Also if some don't know how or want to contact the family they also could use this helpful website. It just reminded as one of her friends from Houston was in town and luckily was able to find her sister on myspace to find the information. We also added other family members and leave "flowers" for them as well. I just thought we would share that with everyone as we visit the site often. We spend a lot of time of the computer some days and feel like we are leaving her when we are not on so we are always "fussing" with her website, etc. Take care and love to all the MOMs

Re: Find a Grave

Hi, I looked that up and put Timmy's information in there.

I might even do the same for my mom, dad, and my brothers who are all buried right next to my baby.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Find a Grave

I found Kaylin too. It was nice to leave flowers even virtually. Thank you for telling us about it.