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we'd like to know if there's another site like this for fathers

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I know of one site that has many different postings, for fathers, siblings, etc. it is the POMC site. I don't go there that often, I found a home here, I feel so close to all the mom's here.

Timmy's mom

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The POMC website is the only one I know. I think it is hard to find because most men do not want to talk about their children's murder. None of the Men in my family do they feel like they let Monica down because they were supposed to protect her. The first thing all of them wanted to do was find him and that included her younger brother who was only 14 at the time.

Best of Luck
Cindy Monica's Mom

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My husband and son feel the same way and my son is 12. Even though he was younger then Kaylin he was protective of her. I have never seen the look of anger in his face that I saw when he found out that his sister had been dumped like she was nothing. We were told to be careful because men and women grieve differently but just as intensely so not to compare our grief. I know my husband grieves deeply. He wears a pink and green bracelet that she made everyday. He shows his grief in other ways but he doesn't talk about it like I do. My son watches me so I have to be careful. He is very perceptive and seems to watch me closely to see if I fall apart, so I have to keep that in check until I am alone, or to get alone quickly. He hurts but he keeps a lot inside. His school is aware of the situation but he doesn't want his friends to know. He says he doesn't want to be treated differently. I know it is hard for them too.