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Hope For The Day

September 2, 2008

When grief lays heavy on the heart, we become very

fragile and darkness seems to color our every waking

moment. We feel as though we are drowning in a sea

of our tears and there is no way out of the dark tunnel.

God often guides us through our grief one moment, one

step at a time. He has promised to be with us every step

of the way, and His rainbow still shouts to us of His mighty

promises that are never ending.

Look for the small things in each day that help to bring

about your healing. A smile from a stranger. A shared

tear. The sounds of nature whispering words of comfort

in your ear. A listening ear. Someone who cares.

Sometimes we're looking for the big rock to drop upon

our heads, but instead we get daily doses of small, meaningful

reminders of hope. Remember that healing from grief is a

process. It will not happen overnight. But, this we can be

certain of: "We have a God who cares, and He will give us

just what we need each day to carry us through!" --
by Clara Hinton

"When I am weak, I cling to those who are strong so that I

might keep from sinking." --Clara Hinton

"Trust in the Lord forever, for in God the Lord we have an

everlasting Rock." --Isaiah 26:4