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Please light a candle on Keara's Birthday

Keara would have been 33 on Sept. 4th. Instead a monster murdered her and it would mean a lot to me, my children and her children if you could light a candle on her website. www.kearahart.com. I still want to wake up from the nightmare that has become my life. My birthday was August 24 and all I could do was think about how I was pregnant with her 33 years ago and now she is gone. I miss her so much and still haven't learned how to live my life without her. I want to be able to find some peace in my life but how do you have peace after your child has been murdered? How do I help my grandchildren to see the world as a safe place? It is so hard to know that her life ended so brutally and to see my grandchildren growing up without their Mom. My heart aches to know she is not with them anymore. Thank you all for being here.

Re: Please light a candle on Keara's Birthday

I will make sure to light one in memory of her birthday.

Re: Please light a candle on Keara's Birthday

I will light a candle for her. I don't know how any of us go on but we do, I know if it wasn't for the mom's here I would be having a much harder time. Thank God for MOMS caring for MOMS.
Happy heavenly birthday Keara
Much love to you
Jim's Mom Shirley

Re: Please light a candle on Keara's Birthday

I have lit a candle on the moms page and will light a candle tomorrow for Keara's Birthday. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
AV Swan