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Re: justice what a joke


I do not know how it feels to be in your shoes but I do know that the Murderers would like it if Jimmy had nobody to fight for him then the jury might be second guessing the B.S that the defense tries to feed them. Just keep telling yourself I do it for my Jimmy. Stay strong and know you have the best Angel you could have with you. All the MOMS here are with you too!!

I will be praying

Love Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: justice what a joke

Shirley, I am so sorry. I don't even have the words to tell you how sorry I am this is happening. I am losing faith in the justice system and we have not even started it yet. We are still waiting for the evidence to be presented to the DA. I am afraid what might happen and then hearing this makes me sicker. I hope and pray that they see through this charade of his. I am praying for you Shirley. It is all I know to do for you. I am sending hugs your way.

Re: justice what a joke

Shirley, I just don't know what to say. It sickens me to see how they abuse the whole system. You know I'm on both sides of the fence, I see what happend to my baby and to my oldest. I see that some get away with this kind of crap most of the time, and those that shouldn't don't. My heart goes out to all of you who are going thru the trial process or have and haven't gotten the justice you should have, I wonder if I can be as strong as you guys when (see I said when) they catch my son's murderer. I have to believe "when" I have to believe my son will get justice. It pains me to see what you all go thru, and pray that I can be as strong as you are when, yes when, my son's murder is brought to trial. I pray for justice for each and everyone of you, one way or the other, it will happen. If not here, God will take care.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: justice what a joke

You ladies are so right. We get so frustrated with the obstacles and we are only just beginning this unjust journey. We have been through the justice system once before and stood up for ourselves to protect others. It was long and drawn out but the perpetrator got 4 years in prison and served every day of the 4 years. We thought that our family was chosen because we would stand up for ourselves and others where many others would not have and this person might not have ever been caught and destroy his own family in the meantime. I hate to feel this way but Where did it get us? Now we have lost our daughter and I at times feel selfish and say why should we help anyone else--will we lose another or how much tragedy can be burdened on one family--which I shouldn't even ask. My girls also lost their Dad when they were very young. Meanwhile back to my point as there was one--I believe the justice system would work better if they kept all the "bleeding hearts" out of the picture that push for all the rights of the criminals.Perhaps before they can lobby for these atrocious rights they get they should have to have lost someone violently. It is easy to stand up for something when it doesn't affect your family. The system can only work in the paramenters they are allowed to work in. It makes me sick the thought (I was told by my advocate and it remains to be seen) that they will try to exploit my daughter and make her look bad even though her murder was as random as you get and his rights will be violated if they so much as breathe a word of his past. He comes in with a clean slate and only the incidents of the crime are relevant but his sc**bag lawyer will try and do everything in HER (ANOTHER POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING) power to try and discredit my daughter. She will have to go long and hard to prove she was anything more than a typical college student/teenager but just the thought of listening to any of their crap--knowing his past and that will be protected under the Dirtbags Bleeding Hearts Protection Act drives me crazy! Sorry for rambling. Love to you all.

Re: justice what a joke

I must add something to this as far as the selfish thing and not helping anyone--when we are faced with helping someone else we don't hestitate it comes without question or thought...We were going to a concert the first adventure for our family since we lost Lisa..we had 5 tickets and never had a chance to tell Lisa that we had bought them for the whole family. We are not always in the same place at the same time--as they are growing up and we looked forward to surprising her on her birthday with the tickets. We started out dreading the drive--a four hour drive one way--when we stopped to get gas. Two young boys--about 20 years old-- came running out of the store chasing a greyhound bus that had just pulled away. They looked totally devasted and lost when it took off. To make a long story short we gave them a ride downtown to the greyhound station as they called to have the bus wait while it was picking up more passengers so they could get back on their bus. They were totally lost and didn't even know where they were--the one said he now knew what it felt like to be stranded and thought he was going to cry. Everything worked out and they tried to pay us $50 for the ride which my daughter chased them onto the bus to give it back. That made the start of our trip much better and made us realize that even though we sometimes feel selfish it is just natural due to the circumstances. Love to all. AV Swan

Re: justice what a joke

Why do our children lose their rights? That just makes me crazy to think that she can possibly be drug through the ringer but the scum bags who do this have their rights protected. There has to be something that we can do. It makes me so angry. Why were my daughter's rights not protected? Why were your children's rights not protected? Our children had the right to live and they were denied that right and now we have to sit silently while their killers rights are protected? I can't do that. There has to be something that we can do, but I have no idea what. It makes me sick. Your child did not deserve some idiot to do this to her. None of our children deserved this. I cannot even say what this makes me think because I don't want it in writing. Now I understand vigilantes a little better. You are right, the "bleeding hearts" are fighting for the rights of the wrong person. They should be standing up for our children, whose rights were violated in the most severe way possible.

Re: justice what a joke

Shirley, when we went to my son's trial, the pos came into the court room laughting with his cousin who was an accomplice after the fact, and I felt all the blood drain out of my face and into my stomach, I started to cry and I just couldn't believe we were having to sit in a court room and my son hadn't even been buried yet. It was a monday morning after he was killed the previous wednesday (ash wed.) So monday at 8:00 we had to be in the court room to see the monster that killed my son, it tore me and my husband to pieces. My daughter just sat there and shook her head and started to cry, she looked over at her dad and I saw this large tear go down her cheek and I wondered "What did we do to be going through this?" Then it was months of going to court every 2-3 weeks for 10 minutes for one thing or another, then in May we finally had the preliminary hearing where the police say what they saw when they arrived and what they had so far that took about 2 hours then we went home only to have to go back in a nother month for another day in court just to ask these 2 idiots what they were pleading, needless to say they both said not guilty, and then the court dates were set one in 2 weeks to make sure the DA and the defence was ready, then 2 weeks after that for anyother stupidness that they might have to say to one another and then the trial started, this animal made us sit through watching my son die on TV because there was a survillance camera and they needed to show it over and over and over until they got the time line right, then you get to see your child laying in a parking lot with all his clothing cut off of him so that the EMT's can try and save his life then you get to see about 50 pictures of your child dead on a gurney turned back and forth like a piece of meat on a rotisserie show that they can take clear pictures of his wounds, then you get to see about 25 pictures of your childs body being hacked up by a pathologist who performed an autopsy and after all this the pos just sat there, but the next day he entered a plea of 2nd degree murder which had a 25 to life sentence and so now he is spending the rest of his life in Cocoran prison which is one of the worst in the state of California, not that I care I hope he dies. My grief counselor say's that I am not angry that I am enraged. And I believe that, I have so much anger in me that I feel sick, because we are not angry people and we get along with everyone but not now, once one of your children have been hurt by someone you just can't feel the same toward that kind of people and I am not one to feel that strong about something like this but I just can't help my self, All the illegals that are here against the law should be sent back to there country so they can reck havoc on there own people and not on anyone that I love or care about.
I have said all that just to say hang in there and be strong not for anyone else but for the justice that is rightfully your Jimmy's.
Please don't be angry because I got a little out of line I am just going totally crazy.
Love and hugs
Frances Jr's mom

Re: justice what a joke

You were not out of line one bit. What we have to endure during trial is an outrage the defense making the victim into the criminal. So much crap brought up about my son and not proven but we certanly can't bring up anything about the POS that murdered him unless we can prove it. What is wrong with this picture? Oh but when the sentence finally is handed down I would love to have a camera to take a picture of his face what a kodak moment that will be. I know it is coming and I know this trial has gone much faster than most I just want him in prison where he belongs.
Much love and hugs to you all
Jimmy's Mom