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I Am So Happy To Be Alive!

Sister MOMS,

In the last 10 minutes I've lost two replies trying to post them.

If you see a laptop flying by your window it was mine. AGH!! I have a good mind to call the company who's signal we jump on and tell them they must need an upgrade or something! Perhaps not such a good idea, but hey, I'm trying to get to my Sister MOMS! I'm not a threat to internet security, I'm just a little unstable is all!!

For those of you who are driving, you shouldn't be reading and driving! Fasten your seat belt even if you are not driving. Luckily I was not driving so I could do a "happy dance".

Thursday my son Michael called and I missed it by seconds. I told Gil I had to call him back right away. When ever I call him he dumps me real quick...
"Mom, I'm busy rignt now..or Mom my girlfriend and I are eating dinner". This does not bother me, I'm use to being put on hold when ever he has an incomming call.

Any how he told me that his girlfriend is pregnant!
Whoo Hooo! I busted out in tears I was so happy. He told me that they were not telling everyone but wanted to tell me first. She is 5 or 6 weeks along.

Happy Dance, Happy Dance

It took a good 20 minutes for me to calm down and realize that I would of died and missed this. Causing more tears than I had tissue for. (we were in the car).

The next day when Gil got home from work, I was unloading the dishwasher (yes my dear Lorre I have one even though it doesn't make them go away) He walked in and said "how's my baby today," I looked him dead in the eyes and told him I'm so happy to be alive!!!

Yea, my Sister MOMS, Can you f---ing believe it!
Sorry to use that word. I don't use that word. If I was handwriting this you'd notice my words getting bigger as I shout out my fantastic news.

Confirmation all around my world and into my head. Yes I'm lucky to be alive!

Good News is great!
I love you my Sister MOMS!
Karen Wes's mom with a grandbaby in the oven!

Re: I Am So Happy To Be Alive!

What wonderful news now you know why God would not let you give up. Karen you are going to make an incredible grandmother. Wes is smiling. Thank God for being with you so you can see this beautiful child.

So very happy for you.
Wonderful Wonderful!!!!!

Love Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: I Am So Happy To Be Alive!


That IS such joyful news :D I am just delighted for you Karen!!!

It only goes to show that even though our days, weeks, etc. may be laced with sorrow-we do not know what is around the corner!

God bless you and your happy family! Hurray and congratulations!

Love & Hugs Grandma!


Re: I Am So Happy To Be Alive!

What great news the grand baby is cool too!!!
Grandkids are great you can spoil them like crazy. I have three granddaughters the only one I get to see is Jimmy's daughter Sandra she lights up my life. I would love to see the other two but I have decided not to lose anymore sleep over it.
So happy for you.
Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: I Am So Happy To Be Alive!

Congrats to you grandmom (or do you prefer mom-mom or other :) )

Little miracle are what keeps us going

God Bless
timmy's mom

Re: I Am So Happy To Be Alive!

What great news. Congratulations grandma. :)

Re: I Am So Happy To Be Alive!

Well Congratulations Grandma! Karen, I am so happy to hear that everything is going well for you. I know everyone here was praying for you and prayers are powerful. See, God has other plans for you. And it looks like being a grandma is one of them. Take care Karen. God Bless you and your family always.