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jeremys justice?

i'm kinda new here. i've been reading all of your previous post. and i just feel like you should know, shawna,jeremys killer, was never tried. we kept getting letters that were changing the date of the trial. then suddenly we got one that said the sentencing date had been set...she had copped some sort of plea...on the day of the sentencing,in the d.a. office, we were guarenteed 25 to life. 2 hours later in the courtroom it was reduced to 4 1/2 to 16 years. and eligible for parole after 3 years. i never understood what had happened. you all seem to understand these things a little better than i do. maybe someone can help me to understand. thanx, julie

Re: jeremys justice?

I am so afraid they will do a plea for the person or persons who tossed my daughter down a ravine to die. I am so afraid that will happen and I want them charged with everything they can charge them with. If he dropped a gum wrapper I want them to add littering. I don't want them to plea him down. I am interested in knowing how that works too since we will just be starting the process. Right now we are still waiting for the detectives to finish the investigation to get to the DA. I am so sorry that your sons murderer didn't get more time. It isn't fair that they get a slap on the wrist for taking our children's lives. I am so sorry she didn't get more time and it makes me sick that she might even get paroled.

Re: jeremys justice?

The DA in my son’s case had started to think about a plea bargain I told my avocet from victim’s of violent crimes “ABSOLUTELY NOT NO DEALS!” The DA was doubting herself I think. But I told them I would take my chances if they did a plea bargain down to manslaughter I would have always wondered if we could have gotten 1st or 2nd degree. I don’t know what state you are in but 2nd degree murder carries a sentence of 25 to life in California. This guy got 2nd degree murder, 1st degree burglary, Felon in possession of a fire arm and using a gun in the commission of a crime. This all adds up to 40 years the judge can give more and we are hoping for at least 8 more years. There are certain standards they have to follow the probation officer handling the case is a friend and he said he is trying to get the judge to give him the extra 8 years. This means this little creep has to do 40 years before he can go up for parole and I have been told parole is never granted the first time around. Especially because he has no remorse what so ever for what he has done.
Hope this helps a little.
My prayers are with you both,
Jimmy’s Mom

Re: jeremys justice?

The "justice" system works in insane ways. When my son was murdered many people called the detectives with info, the detectives never got back, my son's killer was allowed to plead to involuntary manslaughter, was sentenced to 18 mo to 4 yeaars, served 20 mo in prison, was supposed to serve a year in county for discharging a firearm in the city, but was released on house arrest. Was supposed to serve a super strict parole (promised to us, the family, by the parole board), but parole was excused, was ordered to pay restitution, $10,000.00, which would have covered funereal expenses and burial. We've recieved $62.00 and change. There won't be any more until our civil suit is settled. then it's up to us to collect. Think OJ. You have to help yourself in this world. Hire an attorney to look out for your interests. Justice is a fairy tale unless you have power behind you. Good luck to you.

Re: jeremys justice?

I have no clue on how the system works. I just see what other moms go thru, we have no one in custody on my son's case. I think you should ask the DA why did they give a plea without consulting with you. You have rights too, I would think, you are your childs voice? I don't get our justice system I never will understand it. I just pray to God that when they find who did this to my son and the other guy he was with, gets capital murder. Life in prison.

Hope you can find something out soon.

God bless
Timmy's mom

Re: jeremys justice?

We need to keep reminding the new moms that there is money for expenses from the state. We are struggling to pay for everything since Randy had no insurance. After court is done, I'll file for the money to offset our expenses of traveling down to WV to go to court. We go Sept 10. I have never seen this nut case, it's going to be very hard.

A friend of mine at work's husband was run down by a hit & run driver who left him for dead, they finally caught her, and after 3 years of court continuences, she walked out free & clear. I truely believe that our system is bent toward whoever has the money for a good lawyer. I'm sorry this happened to you.