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Hey mom it's been a while

Hey all you lovely women, I am sorry for not writing in a while I have been so busy, I actually try so hard to keep busy then when I don't have a busy day I fall apart, I am usually so tired physically, and mentally. I just wanted to say that another young man was murdered Saturday night, a 30 year old man with 4 small children, shot numerous times and he died at the scene. I am so tired of hearing a nother young man or young woman has had there life cut short due to some idiot that is carring a gun. When is enough, enough. And all we get from politicians is they have a right, a right to bare arms, well my son and most of the mom's on this sights sons and daughters had the right to live to grow old. And that is never going to happen, how dare they make it so easy for themselves. I say fight, fight you SOB for a young life who would have fought for you. I am going to start a petition for some sort of law to be entered to do something for this epidemic that we are unfortunately a part of. I need help in wording it and if maybe one of you are a lawyer or legal secretary maybe you could assist me with this. I would greatly appreciate it, and so will the life that we save.
Thanks is advance and please let me know.
Frances Jr's mom

Re: Hey mom it's been a while

Hi Frances, good to hear from you. I hope you are holding up well.

I know what you mean, I just read in yesterday's paper that they just hit the 200 people killed in the city of Phila. and how it's down 21%??? Like that it's ok, it's only been 200, not 252 like last year! It should be ZERO!!!! I don't know if any one heard about that poor little 4 year old boy who was killed in Camden, NJ that's right across the bridge from me, got caught in the cross fire. Some guy had a beef with the little boy's uncle and they had a gun battle with all these little kids playing. The mom heard it and she started running up the street and saw her baby get shot as he was running towards her, right in front of her, he died in her arms. My heart was broken, I just can't take the evilness in this world anymore, I don't get it.

So I feel the pain each time I read about another child being killed.

Frances, take care and stay in touch.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Hey mom it's been a while

hey betty, I too am so sick and tired of the needless killing of people, not just my son but every life that is taken only makes me more angry. I am really trying to make some changes in our city but no one really cares until it happens to them, I have a friend who when Jr was killed was here at our house for support, but you know it is not really related to them and you understand they want to support you but it is like they don't understand. then about 3 months ago her nephew was stabbed and she called me saying something has to be done about the violence in our small town, I felt like writing her back and saying oh now it matters. I am sure she is not like that but it seems everyone to me is like that. Oh well, I am sorry to hear about so many lives lost in your town, our news said that our killing rate has increased lastyear there was 4 or 5 and this year it is only August and there have been 20 (I hope that is right) I know it is a ridicious amount for a town of population of 20,000 Well thanks for answering me and I hope you have a good day
hugs and love
Frances Jr's mom