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just a thought

hi everyone! i know i have been out of the loop for quite some time, so maybe this has already been brought up, but has anyone ever thought of actually going to a publisher to have the jurnal published as a book? I know that over the years it has helped me tremendously to read the stories of other parents of murdered children and how they get by day to day and year by year. it is such a unique experience and i have found so few books on this subject. every time i hear of a murder on the news, my heart just breaks, for i know that beyond that news story is an entire family shattered and forever changed. i really believe that there are many people out there who could bennifit from reading our stories and what these murders have done to our lives, and the strength we have when we join together and share our greif.
i am glad the journal was found.
peace to all.

Re: just a thought

Hi Michele, good to see you back. I am soooooo glad it was found too. When it was first started Lorre talked briefly about having it published but nothing was ever said about that again.
Lorre, Don't concern yourself with making me any dvd- cd, I will do that myself. I got the idea from Bette, and I'm looking into it for ALL my pictures of my Gerrick. I am so glad it was found so now we can all get our copies.
Michele, I agree with you about getting any minute support from books, even if just some understanding.
Please check out the book: "What murder leaves behind, the family" It is an older book from the '80s and I am sorry I can't remember the author's name.
Love from Gerrick's mom, Diane