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If you read this post

I understand. While there are some good individual officers, there are many that do not do their jobs. I have seen it on more than one occasion. Too bad your son got caught up in it. He probably should have left it alone, but I understand why he didn't. Being a victim certainly makes one want justice... and seeing the stonewall thrown up by certain authorities is frustrating at best. I wish him luck.

There was a guy who was messing around with another guy's girlfriend. Well he got his butt kicked by the boyfriend. Later that night he went to their home found the boyfriend in the kitchen and stabbed him to death. Now his mother is crying foul.

I asked the guy who posted this if he felt murder was justice for an ass kicking, he has gone crazy on me. Called me Trailer trash, ignorant, illiterate and a bunch of other things. Then told me if I had raised my son right he wouldn’t be dead. That it is my fault because of the way I raised him.
If you read his post would you think what I thought that he was stating it is OK to murder if someone kicks your butt?
Jimmy's Mom

Re: If you read this post

This world had turned upside down. To many what was once wrong is now considered right. It's confounding. Our society is fubar. Shame on those who work to make what is wrong become right.

Re: If you read this post

There is NO reason to kill someone. Ignore people like him they are the type of people who make excuses because they know they are wrong. I was told my daughter deserved what she got also. And all she did was leave the guy and tell him no she won't take him back. His sister believes that is a good reason to shoot off her face in front of her kids. The only thing these type of people have on their side is STUPIDITY. You raised your son right.This idiot was just trying to play the guilt card because he knows every Mother second guesses themself about if they could of done something different. I know it is hard but ignore this fool. Jimmy is proud of you and that is what is important. Sending love and prayers.

Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: If you read this post

I think there are some sick people out there who make hateful posts blaming the victim just because they have no soul. Killing someone is never the right thing. I have been wondering what is happening to our world that there are so many murders every day. The reasons are ridiculous too. Why should an argument or a fist fight lead to a death. You will heal from being beat up but death is permanent. What happened to treating people the way that you want to be treated? Don't let that person make you feel guilty. You raised your son right and Cindy is correct, we make ourselves feel guilty enough with the what ifs that we don't need someone else doing it to us. He is trying to justify something that can't be justified.
Many hugs to you.

Re: If you read this post

Which post, did someone say that here to you? Jeez! No, never ever listen to ignorance. I know I told you about that ignorant man who thinks he is a man of God and cast judgement on people, it upset me terribly, I could not believe anyone can say terrible things like this. Please believe that you are a good person, your son did not deserve to die this way, no one has the right to take anyone's life but God himself. I pray that the devil eats at their hearts and they live miserably. Yes I am filled with anger, I can't stand when I hear what ignorance can do, and people who kick you while your down. God Bless Shirley.

Timmy's mom

Re: If you read this post

I have come to find even the closest friends and even just acquaintances look for reasons that this could have happened. I even had a co-worker tell me at the funeral home that she was going to make sure her daughter had self defense lessons before SHE went away to college. So I guess I must have failed my daughter because she didn't have self defense lessons, a bigger knife (than the one she did stab her murderer with in the head--one for her! she was a fighter) or taser gun or maybe a magnum. They need a reason so that in their own mind they can justify why it happened and that in turn makes them feel secure that it cannot happen to them. Many are terrified and I was assured this is the case (by a compassionate lady who sold us Lisa's memorial marker) in many instances because when this happens they need to find a reason so they can be excluded from it happening to them. Our friends lost their son who was Lisa's age in a motorcycle accident driving 100+ miles an hour. She said I can't imagine how you feel our son was reckless but your daughter didn't do anything. NONE OF OUR CHILDREN DID ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS. IF IT WAS BASED ON THE MERIT SYSTEM THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT DESERVE TO DIE WOULD BE THE KILLERS--the ones our tax dollars keep alive. If every time someone did something that human beings do they died for it there would not be anyone left in this world--That is where the IGNORANCE comes into play and those glass house people. If I knew where they lived I'd bring a bag of rocks!!!!!

Re: If you read this post

Thank you all I guess I shouldn't read the posts in topix but I know there are idiots there bad mouthing and I have this uncontrollable urge to defend my son. I can not stand to have people saying things about him that are not true. He wasn't perfect I know that, he had his faults I know that too. But he was growing up had done a lot of growing up in the 3 years prior to his murder. I guess it is true people don't want to think this could happen to them so they need to lay blame on someone.
You mom's have helped me through so much I love each and every one of you.
Jimmy's mom

Re: If you read this post

Shirly, hold on to us and don't pay attention to those comments. I stopped reading the things that her "friends" put on there because some of those "friends" were not. It amazed me that after she died how many best friends suddenly popped up. The detective for her told me not to read them because most of it was just crap anyway. You knew Jimmy and many of those commenting never did. Keep those memories close to you.

Re: If you read this post

in my opinion-two wrongs dont make a right. i believe that this type of street mentality is what causes a lot of the sensless violence we see today.