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Re: written by my niece

I do not know how old your neice is but sadly that is how we feel. She really was so accurate. If only the justice system would make it possible for the evil in this world to fear this they may not be so fast to take a life. But no the evil know they have a really good chance of getting away with it so they smile in court thinking when they walk out that door they are free. God knows better. Prison and or the Fires of H---. Hummmmm I vote they all burn for eternity.

Prayers for Justice for our children

Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: written by my niece

Jamie is I believe 27 she and Jim were very close and she is having a very hard time with this. The two of them would tease back and forth all the time. He worked for her husband and rented a duplex from them that is where he was murdered. They couldn't even rent the place out for months. I finally told them Jim wouldn't want them to leave it empty it was silly loosing twelve hundred dollars a month. A friend of Jims is now living there, he has left the bullet holes in the wall he said not to remind him of Jim but he would feel like he was trying to act like nothing happened there if they patched them up.
Much Love to you all
Jimmy's Mom