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Re: The Journal

That was a wonderful idea. If we ever get it going again I would love to read about all of your children.
Please whomever has it, lets start it back up it is such an important thing to know others want to read about your child. I feel it is an honor to step inside the pages of such a book.

Prayers for all

Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: The Journal

I'll never forget the special feeling this journal brought to me. Every child's story brought tears to my eyes. Tracey, I just wish I would have had a chance to read all about your Terrell, as well as about Wendy and all the other children that followed my son and I. I'll never forget how hard it was to write out everything on paper about my dear Gerrick. It was even harder to write about his murder, about how I came home and found my dear son lying there murdered so brutally. . .

I have posted asking about the journal several months ago to no avail. I have emailed people asking about its wherabouts to no avail, didn't even get a response back. It is over a year now that the last person on the list has had it. We were all supossed to get our copies after it went back to the first person. I am very upset that we all got the brush off regarding this very special important book, and I want my original entry back including every page, word, and each and every picture of my son. I put in pictures that I don't have copies of and I want them back! Whoever has it, you CANNOT keep my entry, it is way too important to me. My email is dia7448@aol.com I will pay the postage, I just want my original, from the book, entry back including all the pictures. Thank you.

I just want to add to Aunt Nat and Gramma Vi:
I am sorry you were chastised when you had the journal. I commend you.

Gerrick's mom, Diane Davies

Re: The Journal

I didn't know there was some of journal. It sounds very impressive, I hope who ever had it last will send it back. If you ever do get it back, I'd like to read it. Maybe add my Timmy to it.

Do you remember who was on the list of getting this journal, maybe someone knows, hopefully it turns up. That is one reason I will never give out my originals of pics. I'm so afraid I won't see them again. Most of the pics I have of Timmy as he got older were from his friends and such, so I have them electronically on my computer. I bought one of those memory sticks and saved them on that. just in case!

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: The Journal

A journal, what a great idea I would love to read every mom's story and add to it my own. I'll bet there is a lot of love, laughter and tears on the pages. Hope it is returned asap.
Much Love to you all
Jimmy's Mom