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Glad to see you joined us, you will find comfort here every mom here knows the pain you are going through. I am so very sorry that you have to go through this and so, so very sorry about the loss of your beautiful daughter Katlyn. When you feel the need to talk or vent and there is no one to listen this is the place to do it, we are all here for each other.
Much Love to you
Jimmy's Mom
Mom2Mom Stay Strong

Re: Kim

This place helps me. It lets me know that my feelings are normal. When I finally laid down last night I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned all night. Going back to work is harder then I thought. I don't really feel like talking to anyone and I have to in my job. I have been letting most calls go to voice mail and then email a response. I don't feel like talking, and since I was normally a big talker there have been several remarks about me being too quiet. I feel like I did good just getting there to work at all. Here I can say that and it is understood.

Re: Kim

We do all understand and everything you are going through is normal. Normal for Moms in our situation that is. I usually go for two or three nights without sleeping much (even with my meds) by the third or fourth day I am so tired I drop as soon as I get home from work. I am one of those people who keep everything bottled up inside but here I can let it all out. Don't have to worry that someone will think I am crazy. I actually had a guy at work tell me how his back just hurt all the time so he kinda knows what I am going through. I just looked at him like you gotta be kidding me. Compare back pain to the pain of losing a son to murder!
Much love to you and all the moms here
Jimmy's mom

Re: Kim

People can be so insensitive, but I really think most of the time they just don't know what to sya. My b/f or ex b/f I should say, I really don't know what he is anymore, everytime I'd tell him I had a bad night (this is when we'd talk more often than now) or I was having one of those bad days of despair and crying and am emotional wreck, he would say yeah me to. WHAT!!!! He'd say things like I'm so upset, I can't handle it, I'm to emotional over all of this and I would be comforting him???? Then I realized this was all about him, not about me or my other boys, yes I know he loved Timmy, but he was MY SON, the pain is way different, no pain can be compared.

God Bless
Timmys mom

Re: Kim

hello kim,my name is rena i lost my baby boy at the age of 17yrs old this aug 23 will be my babys first year as mommies guardian angel and you know what when i came back to work i felt the same way,but you actually its good for you can relax and be a lil normal towards yourself when i was home all i did was stay at the cematary day and night everyday,i was heading in to a big depression and let me tell you work helped out alot cause you have so many friends who care for you and keep your mind busy cause i know when you get home its all about the pain hits again thtats when i go back and feelings are thre again but you look and say to yourself my child is home where they belong and no harm can reach them again.but i dont stop going to see my son everyday i stop by everyday before i come to work and go by there to give my baby a kiss before they close the gates as long as im there to give my baby a kiss i feel alot better but dont think you have to stop or forget them,i cry everyday i drive home missing my boy but i thank the lord up above for taking my child home where he belongs and no more suffering,but we will always have them in our hearts.so keep your head up and keep your prayer going and all be ok.we are to comfort one another i hope i helped you out alittle.love sad mommie-RITOS MOMMIES-MY GUARDIAN ANGEL