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OMG I had my angel reading!

Thursday, my daughter and I had a private 1 hr reading and then Friday morning, we were called to be on the radio show and were given a reading by Karyn Reece. We will be on next sunday nite. I felt the biggest affirmation/message was when Karyn said to Erin, Leah says hi hair bear. THis was our family's "secret word" for strangers, emergencies etc...and it is what Leah alone called Erin when they werent fighting, or when they were much smaller. Also, Shaun told Erin that she kisses a picture of Leah every nite before she goes to bed and tells Leah that she misses her, well...Erin broke down and cried her eyes out, because nobody in the world knows that either. We were then told about a flag/certificate with like a u of a, he asked if Leah was in cheer, or if she had a triangle flag or banner hanging...we didnt know at the time, but a day later, while sitting in the living room, we saw the triangle american flag and the certificate it came with that says Unites states OF America...u of a!! It was flown in memory of Leah in Iraq and sent to me by one of her friends in the air force!! I guess she wanted to express her gratuity to him for that!! and I guess she likes it! This was really the best experience I've had, and would recomend it to anyone. It has given me some relief.

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Re: OMG I had my angel reading!

Wow! I never really believed until I had someone do it for me. She is my daughter-in-law Chrissy's friend's sister who we never met. She never asked for money or anything and is a very private person but did it as a favor for Chrissy. There was so much! The funeral person who dressed him didn't put his socks on and he was complaining about his left foot being crunched up. My son admitted he put the socks in the toe of the left shoe and Randy says he's "free-balling" she said he laughed after saying it and said "well, guess not anymore!" which I found out was no underwear, Jeff remembered he forgot to send them with he suit! She repeats his words like the shoe "Ghost Whisperer". He complained about how his hair was combed like Boy George, he has a high forehead and they put it on the side and always made that reference when he got haircuts. There have been several other calls with very personal messages for my other kids that only him & they would know about. I can't do it yet, it makes the lady too emotional and hard to read, so I'll wait a while longer.

It's just a relief to know he's happy and it's soooo cool there, the likes the flying and such. My younger son saw him the day before he died and he told him to "give mom 2 kisses from me, 1 on each cheek" and at the end of the first reading, he said it again through her! He didn't remember Randy saying it until then and cried for days. I'm just glad these people exist to give us some peace. Bless you!


Re: OMG I had my angel reading!

I'm so happy for you. It does help when you get these readings. It eases the pain a little from missing them so much and worrying about where they are, if there're scared, if they know what happened to them, and especially to know how much you love them and would do anything in your power to get them back if you could. I'm glad you went. Leah is so beautiful, I'm so sorry this happened to her.
Thinking of you and her.