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Mother of murdered son

Good evening:

My name is Renata and I am the mother of a murdered child. Although the death of my son, Theron happened in 2002, it feels as if it has just occurred. I have a hard time dealing with the loss of my son and I miss him TERRIBLY. My son was shot 7 times by his childhood friend. The person who did this was arrested after he turned himself in, 2 days after the shooting. He was incarcerated for 5 years after he had been sentenced to 25 years to life. His attorney filed an appeal and needless to say, the conviction was overturned. My family and I were forced to face another trial. This was absolutely horrendous and it opened up wounds that were not completely closed. This time, the jury found him not guilty. H e walked out of the courtroom and I could not believe it. I felt weak and then I passed out. In addition, I developed chest pains and mild heart attack. It was torture. I do not know how to or even what to do to get on with my life. I miss my son so deeply that I actually scream when I am alone. I can not comprehend how this happened. I just need to get his out and would greatly appreciate hearing from other parents whom may understand me.
Thank you
Renata Gaskin-Hope

Re: Mother of murdered son

Hi Renata,
I am so sorry for your loss of Theron. I lost my oldest son June 15, 2005. Shot four times in my jeep just blocks from my home. He was killed 8 days before his 23rd birthday. His killers still roam free and I often have to deal with my granddaughters mother who I think instigated the whole thing. In my opinion the justice system is a joke, unless the evidence falls in their laps, smoking gun and all. It is just a shame killers are allowed so many rights when our children have no rights whatsoever. I don't know what this world is coming to as there is no respect for human life it seems and why should there be if a murderer can kill and be out in 5 yrs to live their evil lives. I am so sorry you have to be in this awful journey of a MOM who lost a child, but there is no better group than this one. The moms on this site are truly understanding of your pain for certain there is a mom who has stood in your shoes. I have had a preliminary trial but it has not progressed any further in 3 years. My best advice is to put it in Gods hands and remember the good times you had with your son.
luv n hugs

Re: Mother of murdered son

Renata I am so sorry for the loss of your son. My son was murdered December 16th 2008 he was in his own home and a guy he had never seen before came in and shot him in the chest. We have been to trial this guy was was convicted of second degree murder and will be sentenced on Sept 2 2008. It seems time passes and we aren't even aware that the months have gone by. I don't understand how someone can shoot a person 7 times and get away with it. I can not even imagin the pain of knowing he is out walking the streets. My heart goes out to you. We all the moms on this site do understand the pain of loosing a child to murder and we are all here for you.
Much Love to you
Jimmy's mom

Re: Mother of murdered son

Dear Renata, I am so sorry for your lost, I know what you are feeling missing your son, My son Ruben was shot 4 times once in the head in the neck and then twice in the torso. The shooter actually went to work the next day like he actually thought that he was going to get away with what he had done, and he most likely could have except the stupid idiot had my son meet him (so he could kill him) in a parking lot that had a survilance camera. I remember sitting in the court room hearing the POS attorney telling just down right lies about my son, and I would look over at the jury to see there expressions and he could have easly walked. So when the idiot saw himself on the screen killing my son, he entered a plea of 2nd degree murder which carried a 15 to life sentence, he also got 10 years for the use of a gun so in Feb 2032 we need to go and keep this POS in prison. I thank God every day that he is behind bars but my heart pours out tears for all the mothers who either dont know who killed there child or the ones where the POS's walk. Again I am so sorry for your loss and if you ever need to just vent e=mail me.
Love and hugs
Frances Jr's mom

Re: Mother of murdered son

Hi Renata,
I totally understand your feelings. My son, 34 y/o was murdered on May 6, 2007. He also was my best friend. I miss him so much. There are times when I sit here and wonder how am I going to make it through the rest of my life without my Gene. I have made it thru one year already but I don't know how many more I am going to be able to go thru. The pain hurts too much. When I think how I my son is not ever going to walk thru my door again and I am never going to see him again in this life my heart skips a beat and I have to catch my breath and the tears just start pouring down. I too still scream when I am alone at home. I still ask God "Why!!!" This ******* that killed my son was arrested 4 days later. We go to court once a month for what they call a continuence hearing. I have no idea when and if we will be going to trial. Renata, my heart and prayers go out to you. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Just know that you are not alone. Everyone here understand your pain. I hope you find some comfort here. God Bless you.

Re: Mother of murdered son

Hello Renata, my son Tommy was shot to death 6.13.03, his head was gone when his body was pulled from a river ,he had been shot so many times they said it was a crime of passion, yes jealousy ( an ex of his girlfriend) and they also know who did it and where it happened but 5 years has pasted an still no arrest, can anyone tell me please,is it any easier when you get an arrest? does a trial and jail time change the depth of the pain? why do so few people get justice and what is justice for taking a precious life? listening to so many of the mom's going through this I sometimes wonder if God knows I couldn't handle a trial gone bad like so many of you have and I'm so sorry for the injustice I cry for you and your babies, as for me and mine I think I've become complacent in hope. Love to you all Jackie Tommy's momma

Re: Mother of murdered son


I'm so sorry that you have had to endure this pain. It seems when I catch your breath again, there is somebody walking down the street or driving by that looks just like him and I can't breath. It's been since October 16, 2007 that some homeless POS stabbed by 36 y/o son to death. He was harrassing Randy's girlfriend for a lighter and when told to go away, he attacked stabbing him over 20 times. And being a Veteran with special forces training, it was very ugly. They were out of town and I didn't see my boy till they sent him home a week later. The coroner says he thinks it came from behind, what a coward! I hope they can prove it cause it will really blow the self defense plea right out of the water.

Randy's birthday is next sunday, Aug. 3. and court is Sept 10. I'm just holding on, just figured out that I'm going into denial again, it comes & goes. I have 1 girl & 3 other boys, all adults and if it weren't for them and my grandkids, I'd just take myself out of it all and get some peace from the pain. I bought the plot next to his for myself. I cant imagine what court will be like, the evidence and pictures will be too much for me to take, so much blood from such a small person. It happened in Huntington WV where they shot that movie "we are Marshall". He was coming home but stopped to rest at a park. Don't know how long I can stand up and be strong. I'm getting tired.