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3 babies murdered in TX Panhandle in April

Something horrible is going on in the Texas Panhandle (I suspect drugs but the articles have not mentioned any). We have had three precious babies killed in the Texas Panhandle in a two week period in April. This has been bothering me so much and I wanted to share the stories so that you moms can pray for justice for Evyn, Crystal and Quionna!

Love, Kim

On April 21, 2007 in Amarillo TX 14-month-old Evyn Vaughn died due to blunt force trauma to the head by a 32-year-old Parolee that the mother had left him with; he also had an injury to the inside of mouth, numerous bruises on his back and left leg along with recent bruising to his ears, scalp and fourth rib. The man was paroled April 5, 1999, after serving four years in prison for burglary of a building and burglary of a habitation and was on parole until September 2012.

CHARGE: This man was charged with injury to a child, a first degree felony. If convicted he could serve up to 99 years in jail and pay $100-thousand fine.

On April 17, 2007 in Shamrock TX seven-month-old Crystal Womack was killed by 22-year-old father due to blunt force trauma and severe internal injuries. Three older siblings were removed from the home the same day that Crystal was taken to the hospital by her mother.

CHARGE: This father has been charged with capital murder making him eligible for the death penalty in Texas.

On April 11, 2007 in Amarillo TX six-month-old Quionna Jones was killed by 21-year-old father. She had head and internal injuries as well as sexual abuse. The baby girl had been taken by her father to the hospital because she had stopped breathing. A friend of mine knows a nurse at the hospital that Quionna was taken to and said that the father had subjected this baby to full penetration causing the severe internal injuries. There has been no mention of the mother of this baby.

CHARGE: The DA said that evidence will prove capital murder and he is seeking the death penalty in this Texas case.

Re: 3 babies murdered in TX Panhandle in April

This is just so heartbreaking. As a parent of a murdered toddler (who died at the hands of my babysitter's husband) these stories are unfortunately hauntingly familiar and coming too familiar. In the case of the man who raped a 6 month old baby, there is a special place in hell for him---but in the meantime a special place in the general jail population will have to do.

I pray for the families of these children. These innocent babies are with the Lord where no one can hurt or abuse them ever again. We as a society have to say enough is enough. We have to stop accepting murder in general and giving these monsters light sentences and quick paroles. The murder and abuse of our most innocent by their own parents no less is beyond comprehension and reason but is becoming sickingly common and is indicative of a society that has lost the "natural affection" for babies and children in general.

Now five babies dead!!!

Oh Michelle I am so sorry for the death of your precious little one. This society has become so evil and sick to where life doesn't seem to mean anything to some. I am sad to say that we have now had a fifth baby death of a precious 6-week-old girl on May 21 at Pampa TX. This precious one's name is Kensee Bolin and she had been brought to the hospital with breathing problems. Her autopsy following her death revealed that she had injuries traumatic in nature. Police are investigating the case as a suspicious death. It grieves my heart so and I would have gladly taken all five of these precious little ones to care for!!!


Re: 3 babies murdered in TX Panhandle in April

My daughter was one out of the three my daughter is crystal nicole womack it makes me sick even reading this stories.No mother knows how devastating it is to get a phone call that there child isnt breathing.Its just hard when you trust the father a loving person that suddenly turns into a monster you never can trust anyone again mostly family.I lost my love one and will never quit and let it rest intill justice is served justin wayne womack only got 18 years well thats not enough he shouldnt be on the face on this earth after what horrible crime he did now my daughter cant even have a life why in the HELL SHOULD HE.If anyone wants to say a prayer or set flowers got to find a grave

Re: 3 babies murdered in TX Panhandle in April

WTF? three years ago my one year old Laycee was murdered by my live in boyfriend. He beat her badly. since her death i have found millions of murdered babies on other websites and stuff.Laycees killer is doing 16 to 24 yrs. He was 21 three years ago when it happened. I known Vincent for years. really loved and trusted him. she did too now look what happens. Whats god doing while all this is happening??? Its people who are supposed to love and protect these children that are killing them!!!!!! I didnt even know this stuff happens everyday untill i lost my precious baby.sorry for rambling had a bad week. hugs to all.

Re: 3 babies murdered in TX Panhandle in April

HEATHER.....I am so sorry for your loss.I really DO understand how you feel. The guy who killed my one year old Laycee Grace Johnson was my friend for three years before we ever even started dating. I was leaving work on may 6 2008 and i got a call from my boyfriend saying my baby wasnt breathing. he said she fell off the couch. briuses on both sides of her face and head you could actually see the knuckle marks on the side of her face,she died of severe blunt force trauma. He was only 21 and was given 16 to 24 years. I could die of guilt every day. If it wasnt for my other kids i wouldnt still be here. I am so sorry about crystal. i am sorry for what you feeling. It wasnt your fault.

Re: 3 babies murdered in TX Panhandle in April

Tragic, I'll never understand the evil in this world.


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