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I’m new at this. I don’t talk about my son being gone because in my mind it’s not real. I’ve been stuck in the court stuff because there is someone charged in my sons murder but it’s been 31/2 years of charging the wrong person. I’m truly lost but I will fight to the end but I’m very stuck on denial. He’s not gone. Any help please

Re: Lost

You are not lost. We know where you are. Sorry, you are one of us. I haven't been on m.o.m.s. for years. I felt like I needed a visit with my "sister moms" and here you are. I won't sugar coat anything...court is behind me and when I look back at that time it still feels like a nightmare. When I found moms someone told me that it doesn't get better you just get use to it, the loss, the shock, the sadness. True. It has been 14 years since my 21 year old son Wesley was stabbed to death. I would of lost my mind if these moms were not here to talk to.
There is comfort knowing that there are moms who know how you feel. Moms that will reassure you that your pain is real because they feel it too.
It isn't much of a reach for me to to say I've been one push away from loosing my mind everyday for years. I did a search and my subject I tried to kill myself is still on here. I hope you continue to get up every morning and face the day, you have too. When you look back you will be amazed that you had the strength. I'm the mother of a murdered son, I can handle anything. Well, I still hate dishes, but I've made it this far. Your in good hands, this message board is actually a small miracle waiting foy you. Karen Wes's mom