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My Firstborn, My son's death

Hello, My name is Liz. I am the mother of a murdered child. My son, Daniel, was murdered in Compton, Ca on 04/08/2006. He had just turned 20 on March 8, 2006.

It has been 9 years. At the time of his death, we lived in a gang infested area although my son was not a gang member.

He was riding his bike to to go to the store to buy a Snickers when some coward, either from the Piru's gang or a 155 gang member shot and killed my boy from behind. They couldn't even face him. A true coward!!

I keep checking with the Homicide Bureau in L.A. County. Not enough evidence, no witnesses, to make an arrest!! There were witnesses but nobody had the guts to speak up for him.

My son was well liked and respected. My heart is broken. When they killed my baby they killed me!! And now all I have is some detective telling me it's a cold case. My boy lived, breathed, talked, played, all of those things and now he's become a file in some dusty basement.

It is possible to survive the loss of a child. I went through all the stages. but you never ever get over it. No matter what anybody says. All you do is learn to cope. It does not get easier. Time does not heal all wounds. You just develop a coping mechanism. The heart always hurts. I pray everyday for justice for my boy!! I am still waiting. God Bless you all. And Thank you.