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HI maybe i am wrong, but my son was just murdered and i thougt this was a sight that I could talk to people who are going threw what i am going threw right now. I didnt get one response. AM i wrong am i on the wrong site, is this just for venting and if it is ,DOES anyone know where i can go to where i can talk to someone who is going threw what iam going threw, I need to talk to someone, thaank you Lisa Stone

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I tried to find you on facebook so I could invite you to our group...ShutUpI'mStillGrieving but there are many and I am not sure which one you are...Please contact our group to be added. You will find much support and compassion there...Once again I am sorry for the loss of your son...Laura Maas

Sorry for your loss!

Hi Lisa,

I am sorry that no one has responded or reached to you. I want to first say I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I cant say I know what you are going through as people grieve differently. I lost my son to gun violence in 2012. It feels like yesterday though. Someone just told me about this site about a month ago but I have only visited once. I just so happen to visit the site today because I wanted to post a message to the mothers to come out to a STOP THE VIOLENCE Event that I have personally funded and planned for this weekend. I am actually having a 5k run as well this saturday starting at American Way Park at American Way and Goodlett. I welcome you to come out. I would also welcome a call from you whenever you want to talk. We can go to lunch or botanical garden or anywhere within reason in the city. You have my support.

There will be a vigil right before the run. You should come out and release a balloon and light a candle for your child. Lisa, I pray for your comfort during this time and forever. God loves you and so do I.......continue to be blessed!
When you call I can provide you with some resources if you remain interested.
I can be reached at 9018304180. (JoAnn)