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Letting your voice be heard

Hello group,

My name is Paris Crayton III and I am a playwright currently residing in Atlanta GA. First of all let me say... your strength amazes me... I read a lot of your post, and although some say that you are weak, in my eyes you possess a strength beyond measure. What you all have endured is unimaginable and I am greatly sorry for all of your loses. One of my goals as a playwright is to start conversations that empower and evoke change. The next play of my theatre company's season is called "Broken" focuses on 5 women who have lost children to gun violence. As a 30 year old man, doing my research for this piece was heartbreaking and while writing I had to take constant breaks because it was to hard to imagine. You all have lived through this and STILL have the will power to go on??? That is amazing to me. My company is trying to find organizations to donate to your cause and if any of you are in the Atlanta area we'd love to speak with you personally. I feel like a complete moron for asking this but if you'd be willing to come and share your story with our audience... that would mean the world. I'm tired of stories such as your being swept under the rug. If your child is (un)fortunate enough to get media attention... people cry, get angry, and offer condolences... but a couple weeks later everything is back to normal for them but you still have a broken heart. I hope I am worthy of telling this story because one thing I believe in my heart. IT NEEDS TO BE TOLD. Visit our website www.risingsagetheatre.com for more information about the show or call us at 404-500-SAGE(7243) Thank you all so much for your time and once again I'm sorry for your loss.