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Re: Having a problem - feeling guilty

I feel the same I feel your speaking my own words....it is unreal but it is true I do feel the very same my only child was murdered and I dont like visiting his grave but then the guilt eats away at me and makes me ill....:( Lorraine K. xxx

Re: Having a problem - feeling guilty

Thank you so much for the note this morning. I have not been on this board in quite some time. He is always on my mind, but lately more than ever. I go to his grave more now - though I have not been able to see him for a few months now as the snow here in Michigan has been too deep to even get into the graveyard. That has made it hard. I have found comfort (or some semblance of it) it going to see him and talk and cry (bawl is more like it) on those days that are so terribly hard. Love to all the moms out there who have had a child taken from them way to soon by the hands of another. It is not fair what we have to go through, and that we are left here on earth without them.

Re: Having a problem - feeling guilty

Michele first off I'm so sorry for your loss. I too lost my Son Danny to a horrific murder..
Although I'm able to visit his grave i find it very hard to listen to music because it reminds me of him.
I used to see him walking down the street. For a good year everyyoung
Wel dressed man looked like Danny. Wow. When i think about it i get chills
I hate the fact that i have to visit my only child at a cemetary but i can go sit on the lawn
And just talk on and on and on.
I Pray that you , in your own way , on your own time your able to visit his grave.
God Bless

Re: Having a problem - feeling guilty

Michelle you are going to feel guilty when you lose a child. It could be because you had an argument or you didn’t get to say good-by or you were not able to protect them. I have a long list of things I feel guilty about. But I was told by friend that is my guilt that I have placed on myself. My son loved me and I loved him that all that counts. As a mother we do the best we can. I don’t visit my son’s grave much because it is a reminder that this was the last place I left him and he was not coming home again. I will keep you in my prayers and God bless.

A grieving mom