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Heart aches from the loss of my Son.

I'm Courtney and ppl keep,telling me it gets better. Well i got news for you its been 5 yrs and i still feel lost alone hurt angry.
My heart has a hole in it. I cant get close with anyone cause I'm dead inside.. The murder of my son danny has drained me of emotion

Re: Heart aches from the loss of my Son.

Today i was sitting on my bed just staring out the window past the trees into the clouds. I
Know my Son is Shining down on me.
His life was taken so suddenly.. He was set up on craigslist suppose
to be meeting a woman and 4 guys came out of the stairwell in a coney island project
and attempted to Rob him. He froze on the wall and was instantly shot in his head.
I received a phone call that seemed to had a long ringtone. Almost like it
Wouldn't stop ringing. I answered it to hear my Son was shot and murdered. Lord
Why, why did this happen to him. I mean
He had a good job working for a car dealership. He was a good guy. Why Lord, Why..
Today i look out the window and see my baby boy smiling..

Re: Heart aches from the loss of my Son.

I feel just like u it has only been a short period of time for me through and I no I will never get over lossing my son to a senseless killing !!

Re: Heart aches from the loss of my Son.

My son was murdered April 1, 2014, by someone who use to be a friend in a argument, he shot him to death in my Grandma's yard , in front of my 2yr old grandson and my sons girlfriend , he shot my son 9 times, 8 of them in his back... How do u get over a killing like that!!! My hurt is torn apart, can't take it, my own family watched my son died and some of them even left the scene with the guy that killed my child, he was betrayed by some of his own family!!!!

Re: Heart aches from the loss of my Son.

I don't blame God because I no that the person whom did it had a chose and he decided to take my sons life, so at this point I want justice, justice for my son and my immediate family, my sons life was cut short at 23 yrs old, before he even knew what real life was all about, and his killer will pay, can't wait until judgment day, I will be there with bells on!!!

Re: Heart aches from the loss of my Son.

Remembering Can Be So Hard

Courtney I am truly sorry for your loss. I feel like I am the only person in the world who is still devastated by the loss of their child. My son was killed on November 29th 2009, the day before his 32 birthday. I am disconnected to everyone and everything. I have two beautiful daughters but I am locked in my own world of constant grief over my son. I keep reliving that morning phone call when my nephew called and said my son was in the hospital he had been shoot. It was as if I was dreaming. I keep saying lord please don’t let him die please. But after hour of surgery and coding twice he was gone. My beautiful son was gone and nothing was ever going to be the same again. I know I need to learn to live without my child but I can’t. As a mom you’re suppose to protect your children. We as parent are not expected to outlive our children my mom is 92 years old. Homicide has a domino effect on a family and the family start to fall apart one by one. I don’t know what to do. I will keep you in my prayer.