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Re: Life After Murder

Hi Lorraine...I haven't been around alot and most definitely understand how "normal" days for others are so painful to us. I always think on my birthday that it is one more year I got to live that was stolen from my beautiful daughter. This past month was a busy one for some of my sister moms and I think on these "days" each one of our hearts break for the others. We feel their pain like no one else ever will. I found the paint of Jamie and will post it and share your precious son with the other moms. Thank you for the kind words about Lisa and viewing our memories of her. As you already know that means the world to a mom who has lost a child or had their life stolen. I hope you are okay and sending much luv ur way...Laura
Jo Anne...I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and how the system failed your family. Ironic they blamed it on the computers how horrible hearing them say she did everything she was supposed to do and then make excuses for not doing their job enforcing the law and letting the evil back out on the streets. I am truly sorry...Our daughter Lisa was murdered by a "mental patient" who made over 37 threats to kill one of his "neighbors" if they didn't put him back into the hospital. His last threat they threatened him right back and said if you come back here again we will take away your food vouchers and your bus pass as the treating hospital UPMC was 100% responsible for his "health care" and "living arrangements" in our daughters 4 floor apartment building she was living in while attending college. They called him a cab and told him to go home. Which he did and then picked our Lisa and decided to follow through with his threats. He didn't even know her name and then tried to say they didn't know he was dangerous. Families destroyed and lives turned into nightmares yet I be they all sleep good at night despite their failures that caused these tragedies. It just makes me sick....

Re: Life After Murder

Lorraine...I just wanted to let you know that I shared your painting of Jamie in our FB group....Shut Up! I'm still grieving!...It is a group I started as many of the MOMS are now on facebook so I wanted someplace we could go that was private to only us and share....You of course are welcome to join anytime if you ever change your mind about facebook....

Re: Life After Murder

Dear Lorraine,

I'm am so sorry for the loss of your only child. People say the pain will go away but it doesn't. The years after your child's murder just finalizes the truth of never being able to kiss, hug, laugh, talk, and to share simple and amazing moments together. I am sorry that on top of the of devastating pain & loss by your baby's murder you also had to go through a trial. Your child is falsely accused of living a lifestyle that somehow attributed to his murder. It is unbelievable that the victim is painted as a criminal by lowlife lying lawyers who only care about winning. They help put these violent scumbags back on the streets to take other innocent lives. Our judicial system protects the criminals rights, forget about the victims and their families. I hope that one thing you know is that you are not alone other people care about you.

Re: Life After Murder

Jo Anne Kenny
I am so so sorry for your loss as I say it is only another mother who can ever begin to know how we feel losing are children. I am so sorry for my late reply but I will look at your story as I would like to know all about your daughter and her life so young taken brutally. Why is this world so evil? That is two lovely young girls I have now heard of since being on this website and it is so heart breaking as I know you both mothers feel the same as I do right now and time is no healer for us. Thank You for your lovely kind message I hope to hear from you again.
Kind Regards and lots of Hugs Lorraine K. xx