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Re: my son

So sorry to here about your son .the pain we feel don't go away I am always thinking of my son daily he was murdered July 27. 2007 it's still like new if you looking for someone to talk to or vent we're r here hugs from and angel mom to another so sorry you feel my pain

Re: my son

Lisa I am so sorry for the loss of your son. This is no easy road as we have learned. You move at your pace and no one else's as we have all found out. Time does not heal but teaches us how to cope with the loss. Today is a Lisa day for me after 5.5 years these days still come and you are overwhelmed and don't feel like doing anything. However over time I have found this wonderful group and all the precious moms who can relate and comfort me. Many of us go on facebook daily and have joined a group called Shut Up!I'm still grieving! where we share our children/angels and the struggles in this life we now live without our children. The name of the group might be a bit "abrasive" but trust the compassion is there as we all understand to some degree what everyone is going through. Sending lot of love your way. Laura