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homicide ruled suicide: can anyone help?

I'm thankful to have found this group. When I googled for a group to share my grief and opened this website, I began to sob. I know I need help with grieving but also with the legal aspects of what happened. I can't read the messages until I post my own, so I don't really know what to say. My only son, Delaney, was murdered by his ex-girlfriend on 11/5/11. She reported it as an attempted double suicide by carbon monoxide, stating that they got in the car together with a hose hooked up to the window, that she passed out but later woke up and he was already gone. The Medical Examiner reported only 7% carbon monoxide in his blood--about the same as being in the same room with smokers and definitely not enough to kill someone. There are so many more details that I would like to share if that's appropriate, but my question for now is can anyone give me advice/legal help with getting this investigated and changed? I live in Oklahoma. Three days before my son died, the Chanda Turner Law was signed into law providing a way for families to petition for the death certificate to be changed from suicide to homicide. The burden of proof is on the family, and there's a two year limit. I've tried unsuccessfully to learn how to do this pro se and have little money for an attorney. I've also been wondering if I should contact the media. If anyone has some suggestions or legal advice with these limited facts, please reply.