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My 18th month old murdered

The love of my life, my only child was murdered hours after I left for work April 15 2013 by the man I trusted...a boyfriend. when we found my baby dead I thought she died from all the medicines she was taking , she had a bone infection with a fracture and her hair was falling out...this man had the nerve to tell me my baby was like his daughter and he held me for hours and days while I cried until my eyes were so swollen I could barelly see. My family thanked him for being apart of our lives and for helping me so much... we went into interagation to be talked to ... thats when I was told my daughter was murdered by blunt force trauma to the head. and after hours of going to each room talking to him and tallking to my mama and him...the piece of **** confesses not only does he confess he shows the cops on camera how he hit my daughter. Id give anything to go back in time and chance life around and have her back. hes been placed in jail (the one i work in) on charges for 1st degree murder ..he will be shipped out soon before I go back to work. Some say they hope he gets death...not me a man on death row will sit for 20 years in a room alone in the state of louisiana ..I want him around all the other inmates so they can find out what hes done and i hope he gets what he deserves I hope he suffers for it all...

Re: My 18th month old murdered

Amanda I am sorry for your loss of your baby I hope u get justice hugs mom I am from louisiana laplace I am in

Re: My 18th month old murdered

I am very sorry for what happened to your child. I think about the two men that murdered my son every day. Nothing will happen to them. Prosecution said they did a great job. But for your child something will be done. That's not a comfort but an action is being carried out. Best wishes.