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Verdict and Sentencing for Brandy Turner Guined's Murderer

So sorry it has taken me until this week to let you all the verdict and sentencing of the P.O.S. that killed Brandy. The jury was picked March 18th and later that afternoon the trial started with opening arguments and the state's first witness. The next day was full of witnesses and evidence. The one thing that helped get the verdict of GUILTY was the recording on the ipod that belonged to the young man that was with Dantazias Raines when he started on his mission the night he killed Brandy. The other boy was not involved at all. When he seen Dantazias with a gun he ran the other way. He recorded Dantazias with ipod the day after Brandy was killed and Dantazias admitted that he killed her. Dantazias didn't know he was being recorded by the other boy and was just a talking away. The DA granted M. Traylor immunity from the crime for his testimony because he did the taping and came forward on his own. Dantazias had 9 counts against him and the jury returned 9 counts of GUILTY. My youngest daughter, Dawn, my granddaughter, Dale, and I each had a vitim's impact statement to read. Dale was the only one that wasn't able to read hers. The victim's advocate read Dales' and hers was the last one. After all of them were read and the defense had their witness that tried to claim he had had a bad childhood the judge gave him LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE PLUS 19 YEARS. Because he was 17 when he committed the crime he could not get the death penalty thanks to our Supreme Court. This was the maximum time he could get. We were told he wouldn't be getting out to hurt anyone else again. Thank you all for being there for me. Sending my love to you all!! <3

Re: Verdict and Sentencing for Brandy Turner Guined's Murderer

Hi Sherry

I am so glad to hear you finally have some justice, life with no parole + 19 years that is one POS who will never see the light of day again.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: Verdict and Sentencing for Brandy Turner Guined's Murderer

Dear Jim's Mom,
No he won't. I hope he remembers my daughter's face for as long as he lives though. POS didn't even acknowledge us in court. His family has tried to start stuff, acting like we were the ones in the wrong. They had to be made to leave the courtroom. Afterwards we were given a police escort with several policemen because of their threats. At least one of his sisters admitted that she knew that it was his voice on the recording and has told my daughter, Dawn, that she was sorry for what he had done and was putting us through.
Love ya,
Brandy's Mama