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Re: Son murdered in Dec 2012

My son was murdered by two POSs in June. Law enforcement knew who did it immediately. Within a week or two, they figured out a possible motive. There was no question as to who killed him. We (my ex-husband and I) figured out who killed him. They didn't flee. Yet it took months for the police to arrest them. My ex and I took turns calling the lead detective on a weekly basis. When we couldn't get a hold of him, we'd email him. It's a frustrating process and we are still in the midst. The POSs were charged, but released on bond until the trial.

Shelia, this process is incredibly frustrating. I am amazed at all the rights the "defendants" have - it's a wonder any criminal is found guilty. Something needs to change with the criminal "justice" system.

I hope they find the POS who did this to your son. He (your son)who is lucky to have parents who are continuing to fight for him.


Re: Son murdered in Dec 2012

Hi Sheila,

my son Chris was murdered by his father Dec 11 2008. Any time I tried to get info I was told they didn't want to hurt their case...they had no case I found out when they gave him a plea deal just 10 mos later of 2 yrs w/time served, he was released just before our 2nd birthday without Chris.
I say bother them a lot and don't assume they have your back. They may be covering their own mistakes and backs.
These killers have way more rights than we do.
I am so saddened you have this pain and have lost your son in such a way.
To wish your child had a nicer death is very different thing to hold when all we want to do is hold them once more.
Love Lois