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New Court Date for the Murderer of My Daughter, Brandy

I want to let you all know we met with the D.A. handling Brandy's case. Calender Call is Feb. 28, 2013, which he says is just a formality. The trial will start Mar. 18, 2013 and probably last around 4-5 days. The judge handling her case held a special session to get rid of some other cases just so they could focus on this case. I know he probably won't get what I would like for him to get due to his age when he committed the murder of Brandy. I am planning on talking to a friend of mine that is a Representative for our district to see if we can't get the law changed. Thank you all for being here for me when I have needed to vent. I am sure there will be many more times I will still need to vent so don't think I will not be on here. I just haven't been on much lately due to health issues with myself and the family and with having to constantly be on the go for Dr. appointments for myself, my granddaughter, Dale and my husband , Charles. Most specially Charles since he has had a second stroke in January this year and they told us he has mild dementia from them.

Re: New Court Date for the Murderer of My Daughter, Brandy

I don't know how you are managing so much stress occurring at one time. I will say a special prayer for you, Brandy, Dale, Charles and the rest of your family.

Re: New Court Date for the Murderer of My Daughter, Brandy

Dawn, it has really been hard. My counselor has suggested that I take a couple of days before the trial to just be by myself but I don't see that happening next week, not even sure if it will happen after the trial. Something has got to give because I feel like I am about to lose it a lot of times. Please keep us in your prayers as we go to trial. Sherry