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Son murdered in Dec 2012

Our son(2nd of 4 boys)was murdered mid december. His 21st bday would of been Jan 2.

What takes up a lot of our minds right now is justice. This case is being investigated but we have no arrest and there is a person of interest. We hear nothing and do not know why our son was killed. Is this normal? Not having an arrest for over 7wks? The detectives say they are working the case and we do want to believe them, but has anyone hired a private detective?


Re: Son murdered in Dec 2012

I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my son in Dec of 07 but we knew the next day who had murdered him and the POS finally turned himself in because he thought he was going be found Not Guilty. Some of the moms that have been on this site have waited a year or longer for arrests and some have never found out who murdered their child. Even after the arrest sometimes the trial doesn't take place for a year or longer. Unless the POS will not give up his or her right to a speedy trial. I consider myself as one of the lucky ones the POS that murdered my son was tried, convicted, sentenced and sent to prison 9 months after murdering my son. This road we travel is sometimes long and hard. Don't wait to hear about what is going on keep calling the detectives for answers to your questions.
Jim's Mom

Re: Son murdered in Dec 2012

I am so sorry that you have to join this group of mothers who have lost their children to murder. I think that Shirley explained the answer to your question very well. If you need support we are here for you.

Re: Son murdered in Dec 2012

My son was murdered by two POSs in June. Law enforcement knew who did it immediately. Within a week or two, they figured out a possible motive. There was no question as to who killed him. We (my ex-husband and I) figured out who killed him. They didn't flee. Yet it took months for the police to arrest them. My ex and I took turns calling the lead detective on a weekly basis. When we couldn't get a hold of him, we'd email him. It's a frustrating process and we are still in the midst. The POSs were charged, but released on bond until the trial.

Shelia, this process is incredibly frustrating. I am amazed at all the rights the "defendants" have - it's a wonder any criminal is found guilty. Something needs to change with the criminal "justice" system.

I hope they find the POS who did this to your son. He (your son)who is lucky to have parents who are continuing to fight for him.


Re: Son murdered in Dec 2012

Hi Sheila,

my son Chris was murdered by his father Dec 11 2008. Any time I tried to get info I was told they didn't want to hurt their case...they had no case I found out when they gave him a plea deal just 10 mos later of 2 yrs w/time served, he was released just before our 2nd birthday without Chris.
I say bother them a lot and don't assume they have your back. They may be covering their own mistakes and backs.
These killers have way more rights than we do.
I am so saddened you have this pain and have lost your son in such a way.
To wish your child had a nicer death is very different thing to hold when all we want to do is hold them once more.
Love Lois