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My Son Brian (Moe) Motyka

My Son Brian {Moe} Motyka was Murdered on October 6,2011 while helping a homeless Family, My Family and I would go into into abandoned homes and bring food and shelter to Family's for years. Never fearing that someone would harm any of us. Yet, we found that not to be true! My Son was on his way to perform downtown he never made it. He was young, 6"4 Handsome humble man, materialistic things did not matter to him. His passion and love was music, singing, song writing. He was an inspiration to all the musicians. He was well know in the music world. I have his music, I can hear him sing everyday, I can watch him on the internet. Yes, I know he is in God's Heavenly Choir. The pain of knowing everyday that he is not here in body but in Spirit is somthing I will deal with the rest of my life . I have learned thru the healing process that He was a gift from God and now he has gone home to The Father. My pain is still deep, but I feel for so many Mother's such as I. If we help each other we can heal thru each other. We are all connected to one source .... We get more from one Hugg than 20 words. Share the Huggs my Friends. Natalie Motyka Just another MOM

Re: My Son Brian (Moe) Motyka

Natalie, I am so sorry to hear of your sons death. You are right we need to help each other and be there for each other. We can truly understand the pain. My daughter Keara was murdered by her boyfriend on April 5, 2006. It feels like yesterday and it feels like forever. I miss her so much and I feel so sad as I watch her children growing up without her.

Re: My Son Brian (Moe) Motyka

Aloha Natalie,
Your son Brian sounds a lot like my son Chris. His passion was body boarding. But he was a helper as well. When Chris started his surf trips to Tahiti, he encouraged all his friends to go for it too. Chris knew the meaning of sympathetic joy...being happiest when his friends and family were happy. He had a father who resented his light. Now I know why, his heart held a darkness none of would ever understand. He shot him 8 timed as he rested on the couch and then threw him over a 40' cliff on the Big Island of Hawaii Dec 11 2008. It's Chris heart and light that hold me now, I know he is still with me.
I wish I could hug every mom here. We share a pain many can't bear to see. I really miss those bear hugs from my boy...some days I look around and there's no one to hug...

I am very sorry you lost your son like this, So much pain here with such innocent victims. I watched your son singing he was awesome. I'm happy you have him like that. If you would like to see Chris Randrup doing his passion you can google him. There are 2 but one isn't on youtube and it is all Chris in Hawaii, youtube is Tahiti with the pros that inspired him. He was so good but never entered contests, he just loved to surf with his friends. I still have 6 messages on my phone saying he loves me as we were apart when he was killed...sounds like he right here.

hope you are managing as you try to absorb this pain