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my 16 year old son was stabbed 23 times the killers walked

My son was hunted down after a fight on February 13 2010 he was 16 years old he was stabbed 23 times by two men one was arrested right away he had just been released from prison a month before Jesus carranza . James Gomez ran to Mexico with the help of his family for almost 6 months he was taken to trial we had a bogus jury even after Gomez addmited to killing him he was acquitted and the other was let go also charges dropped they killed my son and walked away I don't know what to do anymore I a so angry I had to move away before I did something stuiped I've been gone for almost a year but I am going home I'm just scared of what could happen I know if I meet with one of them I won't just walk away he was a child my child and he didn't get justice.

Re: my 16 year old son was stabbed 23 times the killers walked

Cheryl, I am so sorry. That shouldn't happen to anyone. I just don't understand our legal system. My daughter was also stabbed to death after being beaten and strangled first. Her murderer is in prison.Where is home for you? Are you afraid of what might be done to you or what you might want to do. If you need someone to talk to email me. If you would like to communicate by phone I could call if you send me your number. Many Hugs yo you and again I'm so sorry.

Re: my 16 year old son was stabbed 23 times the killers walked

That is horrible and even makes me angry. I don't understand our justice system sometimes. My son was shot several times, then stabbed. His trial is scheduled for this summer. Your experience is my fear - I don't know how I would handle it if the POSs (there were two) were found not guilty. The mere fact that you have endured this grave injustice speaks to your strength and ability to do what is right. Hang in there. Know that you are not alone.

Re: my 16 year old son was stabbed 23 times the killers walked

I haven't been here for awhile but I understand your anger...my son Chris was shot 8 times by his narcissist/psychopath father dec 11 2008. He claimed self-defense but the coroner said Chris was lying down. 10 mos after he did this the courts gave him the deal of a lifetime. 2 years with time served, the murderer spent his remaining 14 months in the prison hospital because he ran his van into a wall when they found Chris. He had thrown him over a 40' sea cliff. He lost his leg from that wreck. I get small comfort from that as he has not shown an ounce of remorse about taking Chris from us but I know he's missing that leg. He's been out 2 years already living in the house they shared and he murdered him in...now that's a one sick monster.
He also got 10 yrs probation, so I guess my daughter, my 2 grandchildren 4 1/2 and 10 months are somewhat safe for another 6 years..
I'm so sorry the killers of your son walked, I can imagine how hard it is to hold that...all of this is so hard to absorb for us MOMS but our system of justice is lacking one very important thing, JUSTICE. Oh yes, it also lacks empathy for the victims and their survivors.

I see Dawn was asking on another post if ther is anything we can do to put some attention on how so many of us saw our children's killer's walk or get a slap for such horrific acts....I don't know...yet.
Again I am sorry you have this pain and have lost your son. I was wondering his name?
sending love to you

Re: my 16 year old son was stabbed 23 times the killers walked

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Son. Justice has not been done but, there is a God and he will take care of them in due time. If I could Hug you I would because yes, the pain is great. My Son Brian was also murdered.. We still do not know why.. But as a Mother I feel lots of anger. I have come to accept the fact he is gone and in a better place. We are left to make some sense of it all. I learned not to live in fear and face things head on. A hard lesson in Life. I have healed by keeping his memory. Each day gets a little better. Deal.feel.Heal We are only human !! Go back home remember as a Mother his spirit is always with you. Love Always.

Re: my 16 year old son was stabbed 23 times the killers walked


So very sorry for your loss, that would be so hard to deal with. I just don't understand our so called justice system these murderers have more rights than the victim or the victim's family it just isn't right.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: my 16 year old son was stabbed 23 times the killers walked

I am so sorry for your loss of your son. But I for one understand as my son was stabbed in total 49 times though press say 18 major wounds although one 36 year older massively built bully got 20 years in prison there was three stabbing my son while held down and to me I feel let down by are justice system as you do as it was proven in court two knives was used on Jamie but a JURY freed the main killer?? I have not got over this and never will I think about my lovely son 24/7 being attacked while being held down and the suffering and fear he felt as all my son done was try to stop a girl stab a young man as to me that is right thing to do help if you can but he paid the most sickening price and it has been 4 years and the hurt pains me more each day, he was my only child and I brought him up well and his funeral says what a lovely well loved respected young lad he was and will be remembered for this. But life goes on for them but how can it for us mum,s?? One day I hope we all get justice for the killing scum that walk away from murdering our lovely children.
Take Care Lorraine. x