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Re: Brandy's Angel Day

Sherry I am so sorry I missed Brandy's angel day. I have not been on this site for a long time. These days are so hard and the Holidays aren't easy either. Can u send me your email and phone number again? I lost my address book. I love you.

Re: Brandy's Angel Day

Darien, it is alright. It has been stressful at my house. The day after Christmas, my daughter and son-in-law, Dawn and Jeremiah, ended up with the flu. On New Years Eve, Dale, sat in the living room floor screaming and crying saying she wanted to be with her mama and daddy, she misses them so much. My husband, Charles, had another stroke Jan. 9th or 10th, the dr. is not sure. He refuses to go to the hospital for me but when Dawn found out how he was acting on Jan. 11th, she put her foot down and he went. He knows not to argue with her because she is so much like him. Anyway when we got to the hospital his b/p was 192/97 so they did a CAT scan, blood work and EKG. He had been back in the room for about 15 minutes and registration came in for me to sign some papers for him to be admitted. They kept him all weekend and then on Monday they did a MRI. That is when they told us he had had another stroke. The dr. said he has mild dementia from multiple strokes. He is mellowed out lately, nothing like he was when you would call. Hopefully he won't go back to the way he use to act but they say mood swings goes with the way he is now. We had a Candlelight Vigil in Memory of Brandy on Dec. 21st. Dale was nice enough to invite her stepdaddy to the vigil. Believe it or not but he did show up for it bringing Dale some Christmas gifts and a coconut cake. I wasn't sure he would come but he did. I took Dale for her appointment with the phychartrist (not sure of the spelling) today and she told her dr. that she felt like the court system was going to let the young man that killed her mama out of jail with time served. While we were talking with the dr. the D.A.'s office was trying to call me. They were calling to let me know that Calender Call is to be Feb. 28th and the trial would be Mar. 18th. The D.A. wants to meet with the family to discuss any nice evidence and to answer any questions we might have before Feb. 28th. They have never done this before so hopefully this means the trial will have this time. This is the first I have really had time to sit down do anything with the computer. My email is sherrybturner@hotmail.com ...... My phone number is 478-391-0889. I hope your family is doing good. When is the new grandbaby due? Sending lots of love and prayers to you.

Re: Brandy's Angel Day

Connie, glad to see you back here. I had stopped coming on here because nobody seemed to be posting or responding to posts anymore but I am going to try it again, I miss MOMS. Love ya.

Re: Brandy's Angel Day

I don't go to this site very much anymore because
it is so heartbreaking.
There are always so many new moms that have just started their
long journey of grief.
Never, Never to be the same person.
I went on Keara's site such a beautiful women.
It made my heartbreak for you.
Thoughts and prayers and lovr always,
Connie Marchant

Re: Brandy's Angel Day

I know it can be heartbreaking to go on this site but i figured that Moms were here for me when I first came on the site and I feel it's important for me to try to be here for the new Moms. Also I met other MOMS who have become some of my closest friends.Thank you for going on Keara's website. I miss her every day and it's so hard to see her children growing up without her. I don't see them much because they are teenagers and they are always busy, How have you been doing these days?

Re: Brandy's Angel Day

I have been doing pretty good.
My daughter and her 4 children have moved in with us
because her husband tried to take her life.
I was devastated and got so sick to my stomach
just like when they told me about finding a body that body being my son Justin's.
I hope all is well with you.
God Bless You & Watch Over You,
Connie Marchant