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Re: it's been two and a half years


I am so very sorry for your loss, I can't even begin to imagine what you must go through, I have a hard time with the images of my son and what happened I didn't see him, I couldn't even bring my self to go into the emergency room after he had passed. And for you with your daughter and grandson my heart breaks for you. I truly do understand the daily struggle especially during the holidays, my Jim's angel day is this Sunday 5 years ago on a Sunday night he was murdered. I hope we can be of some help to you, this site and all the moms I met here have helped me through some really rough times.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: it's been two and a half years

Im so sorry for the lose of your daughter and grandson and the pain you are in.Thats a terribe thing to have seen your child and grandchild like that.my daughter was murdered 4-24-11 by her boyfriend he shot her in the head i live this over and over in my mind the horror my child must have went thur.My heart breaks for you and your family.this is a place you can come to and talk with other moms who know the pain you feel it helps cause my family and friends dont understand what we are going thur,Qur life will never be the same we will never be the persn we once was.Just know my prays are with you.HUGS SHIRLEY