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Re: Ideas on how to honor our loved ones

That is a good idea - and Jim can see it from his view - the sky. I like that!

It's my first Christmas without my son, Tim. Kinda tough. I decorated the house, but haven't had the courage to put up some of the meaningful decorations - like the tree/ornaments, his childhood stocking, our special Santa, etc.

Thank you for being there for all of us. You have taken such a horrible experience - your son's murder - and used to make a positive impact on the world by helping all of us.

Re: Ideas on how to honor our loved ones

Dawn, we light a candle every night but on my daughter, Brandy's angelanniversary we will be having a candlelight vigil in her honor since she was murdered 12-21-11. The holidays are really bad without her this year. Also, we put up an ornament that you put a photo of your loved one in on our time.

Re: Ideas on how to honor our loved ones

I really appreciate your response, Sherry. The idea of the picture ornament is really good, especially since I have a childhood one of him already - I can just make one with one of his adult pictures too!

The candlelight vigil sounds so poignant. I grew up in Texas. We moved to Maryland 20+ years ago, but my son decided to move back to Texas about 1 1/2 years ago. That is where he was killed. Although I've been back there to visit, I haven't had the courage to go to the place where he was murdered. I simply don't know that I can handle it just yet. I do plan to visit at some point and have some sort of ceremony/vigil.

Prayers for you and Brandy.

Re: Ideas on how to honor our loved ones

Dawn, I know what you mean. My daughter, Brandy, lived in Thomaston, Ga. We used to live there but had moved to the neighboring county in 1998. Brandy was a taxi cab driver and took a call to pick up someone what happened to be a vacant house. The 17 boy intended to rob her but shot her instead. She radioed in to dispatch that she had been shot and was trying to make it to the E.R. Unfortunately she didn't make it, she went into shock and wreck the cab about a mile from the address where she was shot. Brandy coded in the ambulance. She died later on at the hospital because they couldn't stop the bleeding. We have been by the house a couple of times but the hardest thing I have had to do was be in the trauma room at the E.R. where she died. They had to put my husband in there recently because there was no other room available. We are raising Brandy's 11 year old daughter now since both her parents are deceased. It has really been a hard year. It is odd that your name is Dawn because my youngest daughter's name is Dawn, also. Praying you, me and all our sister MOMS get through this holiday season. Sherry

Re: Ideas on how to honor our loved ones

My son Dillon was shot by an armed robber on Halloween of this year, he was 26. I have been thinking about Christmas. I told my family that before we have our dinner, I would like us to join hands & each one say something they remember about Dillon. Anything-like I remember his big feet! or I remember his smile-just anything they feel like saying. I want to do this every year. I want everyone to try & remember everything.