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Re: new member

Dawn-thanks for your lovely reply. I am so sorry about Tim. It's so awful what these evil ones can do-and I believe that most of the time they do not care. I think when they say they are "sorry" it is only that they are sorry that they got caught.
I do have a PMOC group about an hour away, & we have gone to 1 meeting. It was rather excruciating, but my husband & I found it helpful. We also got hooked up with "Common Ground" which is a wonderful organization. They are providing us grief counseling, and they will go to court as our representatives. (We don't want to go or ever see the evil ones. Actually I will never go to Detroit-where it happened-again. That's not logical but that the way I feel) Common Ground services are all free of charge, being funded by the feds & also the perps who are levied a fine. You might want to check them out.
It's been a month now & I am calmer. But I know I still have not really absorbed the whole thing. This site, & people like you, make it more bearable.