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Re: new member

I know what you mean about what people are saying - I think they mean well, but comparing a child's murder to a miscarriage certainly minimizes what we have been through (I, too, have experienced both). I find myself still avoiding my usual social situations because I'm afraid of what people will say. If they know me and they know about my son's murder, will they ask questions? Will they offer condolences? Will it upset me? If they don't know about my son's murder, will I be put in a position of telling them? How will they/I respond? Then there's that awkward position of anyone asking questions about my kids. How old are your children? 26 and.... uh ... well, my son would be 29 if the "evil ones" hadn't shot and stabbed him to death... (I refer to the killers as "the evil ones"). So, I stick to my close inner circle of friends and my family where it's safe for now.

I know clearing out your son's belongings must be painfully difficult. My son had moved back to our home state about 1 1/2 years before he was killed. He moved near his father. Which means my ex-husband had the daunting task of cleaning out his residence, etc. He boxed everything up in case I want anything. Of course, I still have a lot of his things here - I was going to send them to him when he got a bigger place. I haven't had the courage to go through any of it,though. A couple of weeks ago, I saw his car jack stands in our basement - I sat on the floor, touching them gently and crying. I did get out his two baby blankets. I put one in the casket with him and I sleep with the other one.

I am soooo sorry for what happened to Dillon. I wish no other parent had to go through what we're going through - even "the evil ones'" parents. It is an all-consuming pain that effects every aspect of our being.

The journey is such a difficult one, especially with the holidays here. It does get easier - not easy, by any means, but easier. I know that, when it comes to sentencing, we get to read a "victim impact statement" to the court. I've written about 9 of them so far (it's really just journaling, but with an added sense of purpose). If you're religious or spiritual, reading the Bible or spiritual works sometimes helps. And sometimes, I just get on the computer and go to sites like this one where there are people I can relate to. there is a group called Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) - I'm not sure if there is one near you, but you could check online. They meet regularly. I don't know what it's like - the nearest group to me is about 2 hours away, so I haven't attended.

Take good care and know that you are not alone - and Dillon is not alone. We are all in this together - us parents and our angel-children.

Lots of hugs - Tim's mom, Dawn

Re: new member

Dawn-thanks for your lovely reply. I am so sorry about Tim. It's so awful what these evil ones can do-and I believe that most of the time they do not care. I think when they say they are "sorry" it is only that they are sorry that they got caught.
I do have a PMOC group about an hour away, & we have gone to 1 meeting. It was rather excruciating, but my husband & I found it helpful. We also got hooked up with "Common Ground" which is a wonderful organization. They are providing us grief counseling, and they will go to court as our representatives. (We don't want to go or ever see the evil ones. Actually I will never go to Detroit-where it happened-again. That's not logical but that the way I feel) Common Ground services are all free of charge, being funded by the feds & also the perps who are levied a fine. You might want to check them out.
It's been a month now & I am calmer. But I know I still have not really absorbed the whole thing. This site, & people like you, make it more bearable.