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Re: Kim--Kaylin's Mom

Melinda you are welcome stay strong and know we are thinking of you in these most difficult days...I also found a link for Kim if anyone would like to read it. The last post was from her dear husband Doug...http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kimlasater

I added your Kimi in honor of your two angels Melinda....

Re: Kim--Kaylin's Mom

Thank you for sharing the Kimi Laura...I got the link for Kim's journal and I read it ..Kim was amazing she will be missed and Doug is amazing also she was lucky to have him ...Also I'm so lucky to have you and my other Angel Moms ..I just got off the phone with Darien we talked for over 2 hours she was worried about me and I talked to Bette last night ..I love you all and so glad to have you all in my life ...love you

Re: Kim--Kaylin's Mom

My heart is saddened by all these tragic losses. My heart bleeds for Melinda, and Kim's family. I wish I had the words of comfort but I don't. But I know in my heart they are free of pain and now in the comfort of God's arms. RIP sweet angels, for you shall always be remembered and loved.


Re: Kim--Kaylin's Mom

I love you Bette and thank you for remembering me and thinking of me ..I'm really trying to stay strong here but sometimes it's so hard ...I don't know why but yesterday was a really hard day for me ..I will miss Kim also and my heart goes out to her family ..she was so special to all of us ..I want you all to know even with what I'm going through I'm still here for all of you <3 <3

Re: Kim--Kaylin's Mom

OMG I am so very sorry to hear this. I went on Find A Grave and saw someone posted on Kaylin's page that her mother is with her now, and it broke my heart. How sad! I came here wondering if someone knew about it, and, Laura did. (You are always here for everyone Laura) Thanks for posting this.

I used to talk to Kim on the phone, and even though she was new in her grief, she always talked with a laugh. At that time, I never laughed. She always put a smile on my face while we talked. She was a very kind woman. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

For all the new MOMS here, I'm so sorry you had to find your way here, and become part of this club. Please be kind to yourself.

Diane - Gerrick's mom