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Stories wanted


I am a writer, and a mother who has lost a child due to severe health problems. I am currently working on a book project called Motherloss. I am seeking true personal accounts from mothers who have lost a child at any age, birth through adulthood, through death or as a missing person. I am seeking stories from mothers of any and all ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds. My 23 month old daughter passed many years ago, and over the years I have learned countless lessons through her and the people I met, families and medical staff, at a major Boston hospital. I have always felt that the act of speaking our feelings, sharing our grief and experiences, leads us to new lessons, new modes of understanding, and helps others through their own grief process. I also know that a Mother's grief, no matter who she is or what her background, binds us universally. That has become an integral part of the book project.

I am writing to ask you to pass my contact information along to others. I am seeking personal accounts of mothers who have lost a child, to include in the book. It is my hope that this book will help participants and readers in their own journey through grief, courage, understanding, honoring, and healing one another through sharing.


Cynthia O'Neil

Mother of Jessica Rene'


Re: Stories wanted

Im willing to share my stories with who ever will listen. I truly think talking out helps. Ive spoke at schools talking to the kids telling them my story. Hoping it will save the children. They are our future. The lost of both of my children has really taken its toll on me. Im now starting this over again with my daughter. Her 1st bday gne was Sept 19,2012. And my son's 2yr anniversary was Sept 4,2012 an My bday was Sept 7,2012. Im a two time looser. An wud give my life to have them bak. Im sorry for ur lost. An may God Bless all these Mothers that have lost. Im a first timer on speacking out.

Re: Stories wanted

My son was murdered 10 days ago. He was working & was jumped & shot for $10. I am keeping a journal everyday, sent to my best friend living out of state. But I keep a copy too. There's not much there yet, but unfortunately it will get longer. I would share it with you at some point but it's not exactly a "story" more of a journey.

Re: Stories wanted

I would be honored to hear any stories you would like to share. Thank you for responding. I do apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I have been in the process of relocating and just now got settled in.

Please contact me at awomans_voice@yahoo.com
for more information about my project.

Thank you,


Re: Stories wanted

I am so very sorry about your son. Writing is very therapeutic. I tried it for a while but it became too painful but I plan to start up again. It's been 2 months now, Sept. 20th, since my 19 year old son was also jumped, beaten and then stabbed outside of his HS. I couldn't even tell you why.