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Upset Over Supreme Court Ruling and Other Things

Hi, I haven't been on in a while because I have to deal with some other things. We went to court on Monday, August 13th, and the scumbags lawyer asked for a continuance which the judge granted. So it looks like it will be November before it comes back up. My youngest daughter, her husband and myself went to talk with the GBI officer last week. He told me several things that I didn't know,one being that the s.o.b. that killed Brandy was in the cab with her and leaned over the seat and he shot her although his intentions was to rob her. The officer, also explained about the Supreme Courts ruling about the death penalty. Our Supreme Court has ruled that it is CRUEL and INHUMAN punishment to give someone, that has committed the crime of murder under the age 18, the death penalty. Where do they get off deciding that??? Wasn't it CRUEL and INHUMAN punishment when he killed my daughter, Brandy??? I certainly think it was. It wasn't like she told him to get in her cab and shoot her. I'll bet if it was one of their kids or grandkids they would rule differently. I had some tell me that maybe he would realize his mistake and turn his life around. Sorry I really just don't care if that is what they think but I don't believe it one bit. Brandy's husband showed up in court finally on Monday with his current girlfriend. You would think he would have the deceincy to at least left her at home but he didn't. It was so hard to celebrate my youngest daughter, Dawn's, birthday on the 14th. I have so used to Brandy calling and asking what we wanted to do for her sisters' birthday. No matter how mad they would be with one another they always were doing some thing for each other on their birthdays. Will try to get on again in a couple of days.

Re: Upset Over Supreme Court Ruling and Other Things

I didn't want the POS that murdered my son to get death I wanted him to spend the rest of his life in hell (Prison) I felt death would be an easy out for him. The jury decided on 2nd degree murder because two women on the jury were afraid he would get death if they went with the other 10 who wanted 1st degree. But none the less what I wanted I got he was sentenced to 40 to life + 8 years. I hate the fact that my tax dollars are supporting the little creep but like the fact that he will die in prison. The defense attorneys will find any way they can to postpone the trial for as long as they can. In our case the POS would not give up his right to a speedy trial (because he was so sure he would be found not guilty) so I didn't have a long wait. You would think that your daughter's husband would not have brought his girlfriend to court out of respect for your daughter and family. I hope there are no more continuances and the trial moves on quickly to a guilty verdict.
sending hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Upset Over Supreme Court Ruling and Other Things

Jim's Mom, that is what my daughter, Dawn, wants is for him to sit in prison to think about what he has done. If that is the case, I would hope they could use a hologram (not sure of spelling) picture of Brandy and her daughter on the wall so he would have to see it everyday. I am like my granddaughter, she thinks they need to hang people who commit murder as soon as they are found guilty. The government gives criminals too many rights where on the other hand they are slowly taking law abiding citizens rights away. I don't want the POS to ever get out of prison if that is what he gets. His lawyer is court appointed because his family couldn't afford one. He has 7 felony counts and 3 misdemeanor obstruction of an officer counts on him. The top 2 felony counts are felony murder and malice murder. I am hoping we don't get any more continuances either. I have been told we have a really good case, that he should be found guilty even though he pled not guilty. Thanks for letting me vent.

Re: Upset Over Supreme Court Ruling and Other Things

Sherry, I also believe in the death penalty. Keara's murderer got life in prison with no chance of parole. I just hate that he is able to live even if he is in prison. It makes me angry that he can get services that I can't and that my tax money goes towards his upkeep. I can only hope that his life in prison is miserable but he has been there many times so it's probably like a second home to him. I hope that you won't have any more continuances. I know how hard it can be to wait and then the date arrives and it gets continued. I think it's better to just expect it and if it doesn't happen that will be good but if it does you can at least be prepared. Love ya.