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My daughter

I am new to this site. I am feeling great grief. My step daughter was murdered May 8, 2012. She was 31 yrs old with three children 3,6 and 2 months old. I am now raising her 2 month old since the father of this child murdered her. The other two are with their father. I feel lost depressed in shock and many more feelings that come and go by every passing minute. The world is going on around me but my world stopped the day my husband came home and said Bridgette was murdered. I need to talk. I have no one to talk to that even can begin to understand this. I cry everywhere and at any time. I have no control over this. I feel numbness and sadness that I have never experienced. Will I get through this??? Will I really ever get through this.

Re: My daughter

Robin, You have come to the right place. My daughter Keara was murdered 6 yrs and 3 months ago. She was murdered by her boyfriend. She was the mother of two children who now live with her ex husband who is their father. Everyone that comes on this site goes through the same feelings you are experiencing. If you want to talk by phone send me your number by email which is darienrussell@embarqmail.com and I will definitely call you. Sending you hugs.

Re: My daughter

Robin I am so sorry for your loss, you will get through this, it won't be easy but you will the pain softens with time. My son was murdered 4 years & 7 months ago. At first I didn't think I could survive the pain and wondered how my heart could continue on (I still wonder at times how I keep going) but we do all in our own time and way. This site and the other moms helped me through a lot of ruff times.
Sending Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: My daughter

Robin I am so sorry. I too lost my daughter June 18 2012. and I want you to know I do understand what you are feeling. Please call or I can call you my e-mail is preyes1008@comcast.net and my # is 610-478-3002. I truly share your grief with you. Blessings Patty

Re: My daughter

Hi robin ,
I too lost my baby girl age 29 , the police are telling us they think it's her husband . I wish my daughter had a baby . That is wonderful knowing that child is a part of her . I am so sorry we are on here . God only knows why ?... My daughter story is on the web simeonette Mapes staten island ny . She was murdered July 5th 2012 . Like you I loved my baby girl and don't know how I can continue . I hope we all can help one another . I pray for justice in my babies case thank God you have him in jail . God bless you and hold on honey we are all here together .

Re: My daughter

Find a support group in your area. One I suggest is Umbrella Ministries that are available in all areas.