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june 4th

on june 4th was the 6 thyear since my beautiful daughter was so brutely taking away from me.who ever said it gets easier with time,well i just dont think they quite knew what they were talking about.i miss Lyndsey every single day.i still ask why.why my daughter.and i still blame myself if i would of just said no you cant go back over instead of saying you can go if you want to.and i really want to know how a person can be sain enough to by a gun but to insain to go to prision.Lyndsey Nichole Milles i love you so much and miss you terriably.the only thing that gets me through is to know that i will see you agian someday.RIP babygirl i love you oct.18th 1990-june4th 2006

Re: june 4th

On April 5 it was 6 years since my daughter Keara was murdered and I agree with you, it doesn't get easier. I miss her so much and as time goes by I miss her more. I understand how you are feeling and I am sorry I missed her Angel day. I haven't been on here lately because it seemed as if people were not responding to posts anymore or using the chat room. I will try to check in more. Sending you Hugs.

Re: june 4th

I don't think it ever will get any easier. I don't understand why a criminal especially a murderer can have so many rights. I really think the supreme court needs to redo their rulings about murderers. So sorry for your loss. I feel your pain as my daughter was murdered 12-21-11 by a 17 year old young man. I feel like I am falling to pieces every day