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Lisa's angel date

Dear Lisa
I pray for your family that they smile today, even if for a little while.It is such a horrific day for them reliving over and over the pain and heartache.We all know in our hearts you are fine,it is us that continue to mourn your loss.My wish today is that you send some kind of sign to them,letting them know you are always in their hearts.((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) to you Laura,Vicki,Kelly and Melanie XXXXXXXOOOOOO
P.S. I wish I could make a kimi but I stopped making them over a yr ago when they got complicated.I know Ms Shirley will be on the ball with one though.LOL

Re: Lisa's angel date
Re: Lisa's angel date

HI Barb n Shirley,
Barb I understand about the Kimi's I make a few here n there but mostly use ones I have already made...and your right we know we can always count on Shirley. Thanks again ladies for keeping r angels in ur hearts and letting the moms know their angels will be remembered. Luv yas...Laura/AV

Re: Lisa's angel date

Love you Laura & AV, been doing more facebook stuff and I just love this picture, Shirley does the best! I know Lisa had a blast partying up there with all our angels, and can see her and Timmy dropping pennies and dimes on us :)

You all will always be in my heart. Even if I don't come here that much I still always try and come and read and post and look for updates on facebook and everything. I would never have made it this far without my mom's.

Love always