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Waiting for a trial....sucks

This endless waiting for a trial sucks. The DA's office said it could be August or November before we go to trial. I know they want to be sure the GBI has all their evidence accounted for so that the a**hole will be found guilty but I just want some closure from this h*** that we are going through. The only thing good that came out of it is that one of the lead GBI officers has became a really good friend of the family. He can't tell me anything about the case and I understand that. I feel like he wants to tell me more than I know at times but he is obligated by the law not to disclose more than he has already in court. I just feel like it will never be over. :(

Re: Waiting for a trial....sucks

Dear Sherry
I don't know how long you have been waiting but my son Nicky died March 31 2008 and we just went to court last June 2011.It was worth the wait when we heard those four little words that meant everything to us "GUILTY FIRST DEGREE MURDER".He not only got one life sentence he got 2.Everyone who knows me on here knows how anxious I was when evreyone else's date came and went and I was still waiting,but let the DA do what they have to, to bring about a guilty verdict and know that they can't get out of jail while they wait.Hang in there.XXOO

Re: Waiting for a trial....sucks

Dear Sherry,

My son, Davey was murdered just this past December 26th. The DA's office said it will be at least 1 - 2 years, maybe more before we see a trial. He explained for us not to be concerned for the time-frame. He said the defense will drag it out as long as possible, but that it really works in favor of the prosecution. He said it gives them time to dot every i and cross every t, so there will be NO suprises in court for these two horrible, men who shot my son, to have a way to get off. He promised us that just because we don't hear anything doesn't mean his team has forgotten my Davey. I'm sure your prosecution team feels the same. Be encouraged that you WILL see the one responsible be punished! All my thoughts to you as we wait. Sheri

Re: Waiting for a trial....sucks

Dear Barb and Sheri, My daughter Brandy was murdered 12-21-11, the 17 yr. old boy that killed her was charged on Christmas Eve. The DA's office has told me much the same as you both except they feel it will be this year, just not sure if it will be August or November term. We have been told since this an election year that they will want to get it done before the end of the year. It just gets so aggrivating waiting to know the answers to the questions we all have. It is really hard on my 11 year old granddaughter when she asks for answers that I can't give her.