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my chaneys angel day

today makes a year my daughter was murdered,my heart is broken my life a mess.cant seem to move forward in my life,its like everything has come to a standstill,like i need something to happen[i dont know what].grethen and darien my heart is with you on this day may you be blessed with lots of love and kindness.MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER ALL MY LOVE I SEND TO YOU ON YOUR ANGEL DAY. LOTS OF HUGS,SHIRLEY

Re: my chaneys angel day

my heart is with you on this sad day, i know your pain all to well. i feel like it is happening all over again, but worse this time cause i know its coming:( your in my prayers and i am thinking of you and your angel, much love and hugs

Re: my chaneys angel day

Shirley, I am so sorry I missed Chaneys angel day. It is such a hard day and hard does not even describe it. I understand all the feelings you are having because I have them too. No mother should have to endure this pain. Much love and hugs to you.