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National Crime Victims Week

I am wondering if everyone is participating in any vigils or memorials this week? I got a postcard from our prosecutors office that they are doing a candle light vigil and memorial service to remember and honor all the victims and their feelings at the Capitol Rotunda in Lansing on Wednesday night. I am attending to honor David. Do all the states and or big cities have this as well? I will certainly not say this is a "happy" thing with this week. But it will be nice to honor my son, and to meet other parents who are hurting just as much.

Re: National Crime Victims Week

I think most states hold vigils. Unfortunately the ones here are just to far for me to drive to. I wish that more of the public were aware that there is a Crime Victim's week. It seems there is more empathy for the perpetrators (TV shows, Movies etc) than for the victims. Nobody knows about the lives we lead.

Re: National Crime Victims Week

I know what you mean about the perpetrators being idolized almost... sad. The vigil was nice, but not what I expected. It was more legislative. The actual memory and candlelight segment was right at the end. They did have our attorney general there to speak and quite a few legislators and county prosecutors (though ours was not there!) Awards were presented and so forth - I left thinking it was very nice, but I wish it had been more geared toward the victims...