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It's been some time....

Since I posted on here. Life has been so hard lately. I had to have victim impact statements in this last monday as the sentencing packet was due to the judge that afternoon. I had been working on mine for about a week on paper, and much longer in my head. Friends and family all wrote letters. Now I have to work on what I am going to say to that little ******* that killed my son.

I wish that I could post all the letters here for you all to see; but I have about 10 of them and mine is 6 pages long. They would tell you so much about the person David was and the people that love him, as well as the case... I wish, I wish, seems to be all my life is about anymore. I learned long ago that Jiminy Cricket was wrong: when you wish upon a star, your dreams DONT come true. It is funny how the last 4 months have stripped away so many of my 'beliefs' and fairy tails that we all hold onto in some way shape or form.

Yesterday was 16 weeks since David was taken from us. 16 weeks of knowing exactly what hell is like and knowing that if I can survive this - hell can't be any worse - though I would not get a chance to see David again as I know he is not there... That is one of the things that keeps me here on earth - my other two children are another...

Yesterday and today were even worse... We found out on Monday that a friend of ours was killed in a car accident very early Easter morning - which also happened to be his [now] 8 year old daughters birthday. Single car accident - into a tree - fell asleep... don't know what happened - tracks on the road indicate that or maybe swerving to miss an animal. We had to attend visitation yesterday, it was in the same funeral home that David's was. Very hard. This morning we had to attend the funeral - first visitation and funeral we have been too since David's and it was way too hard - cried all the way through, went back to work after and pretty much cried all afternoon. Too many memories - way too soon....

So, I turn to you ladies for love, comfort and understanding because I have found such comfort in you all through this horrible time. And I thank you for it because I know you truly understand.

As for the Treyvon Martin case - on the news every day... Those poor parents my heart bleeds for them. I hope they find some kind of peace soon - though we haven't yet. Maybe they will find us...

Love, thoughts, and prayers to you all...

Re: It's been some time....

Hi Michele, You are going through such a difficult time and I understand how much your heart hurts. It's a pain that doesn't go away but as time goes by it is a little easier to deal with. Some days are ok and others put you right back to the beginning. It's like a roller coaster. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that you do have other Moms that care about you and are here when you need to talk. Love ya, Darien